First flight of a baby bat - A journal

Can there be a place better than your class to train your vampirising skills on? I honestly dont know but I think its a good contender.

So basically a journal about vampirism of mine, I will try to stick with one thing this time.I cant promise tho :stuck_out_tongue:

So, lets drain :relieved:

Here is a good song to meditate upon.


Yesterday something weird, or something I have never experienced before happened.

I was trying to astral project,everything was same as usual but I can say I can push myself better than before thanks to my energy workings,but still nothing unusual, then my third eye litterally grow as big as my whole head out of nowhere and I felt like I switched between my astral body and physical back to back.

I believe if I didnt think of ‘oh shit its happening’ I would have done this struggleing thing.But its not that easy.

I need to push once more.Thanks for reading.

A fun song to raising vibes here


So this is the first time I see somones aura.I was draining one of my teachers as usual, however I didnt realize I was really gazing at her like she was a sigil or something else to be gazed at.

My vision was slowly changing but I didnt give too much attention to it,because I think I have some sight problems but after a while whole world became like a pastel colored painting.And her auras color was… None? Litterally no colors but it was there.

Also my teacher was coughing more than usual when I was draining her but I guess just a coincidence.

Thanks for taking time and reading :ok_hand:


@Sovereign you have exceptional taste in ritual music. I like it alot :heart::heart::heart:

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Thank you very much, damn I forgot this journal existed :joy:

I guess I gotta update sometime :sweat_smile:

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My root chakra felt like a lotus opening this time :thinking:

This never happened with other chakras and its the first time with my root chakra too.

In other news, I am in 5th step on Initiation Into Hermetics,5 more steps to go, god knows how long it will take.

About vampirism,honestly this is amazing,I figured people with higher self esteem and energy in general, has a delicious? taste.Weird.Draining and projecting thoughts into people has been my main go these days,I drain them and they can do nothing but like me :grin:

Thats it so far, thanks for reading.


I was experimenting on trance works for couple of days, I was doing the rope method this time and suddenly I saw my room in full detail? My eyes were closed.I dont know if its from third eye or I am getting closer to OOBE.I am pretty sure I didnt do it myself though.

Didn’t know you could also end your hunger with vampirising, honestly, suprises come after another right now.

I wonder what will come next.


Lucid dreaming did !

I intented and stated in my mind that I was gonna lucid dream, and I seriously did.I was in the middle of a shootout and realized that I wasn’t dying, so,I said to myself that this was a dream, and took control of it.I enev waked up when I wanted, lol I was so excited I just wanted to wake up :smile:

One more tiny step now, and I will achieve astral projection too, my success is inevitable.

Now this song is just amazing.


Still not the conqueror of my dreams and I am not even sure if I did lucid dream again (I think I did yesterday :thinking:), at least I am improving on remembering them,todays one was really clear and one thing stood out from rest.

There was a writing ‘keep searching’. Not many things happened afterwards but I got up at 11:11.
Although I really don’t care about number syncronisations, it was bizarre.

I will keep searching.I will find what did that mean.