First Experiment with Mind Control

I decided to try out my first experiment in mind control today. It’s my normal thing, but I found a non-critical use for it today so I thought I’d give it a shot and try to understand how I could make it work.

The situation was that I needed to print out a one-page PDF at the local UPS Store. Now, the policy is that there is a $3 charge to use their computer and then 10 cents for each page.

My goal was simply to pay the 10 cents without the clerk charging me the $3 computer usage fee.

I intuitively knew Belial would be the right choice for this particular task, so I evoked him while I was sitting the car in front of the UPS Store. It took me a little more effort than my normal evocations do since I was “exposed” in public.

I put my ring finger and thumb on either side of my nose and placed my index finger in the Third Eye region of my forehead. I’ve used this technique during meditation to bring my awareness to the Third Eye region, so I knew it was helpful. The reasons I used it here was to help me concentrate and allow me to sink into a slightly deeper trance state while making it look like I was just rubbing away a headache to casual observers.

I called Belial to me, pulling his energy through to me over the course of several breaths. Took me about a minute to get enough energy through to have a clear conversation with him. I think it’s a lot easier in my apartment because my home is literally soaked with the energy of the spirits and I’m more comfortable evoking them in private.

Belial came and we spoke. I asked him the best way to work this magick and he told me to invoke him, which I see as pulling him inside me and merging with his energies. And then I can use my Will to direct his power since we are one combined entity at that point.

In other words, rather than Belial and Valkarath, we become Belial-Valkarath or Valkarath-Belial. My Will, Our Power.

I’ve invoked spirits before so that part wasn’t new, but I’d never tried to direct their energy as though it was my own before.

So, I went inside. Asked to use the computer. I made sure to make eye contact with the clerk so I established an intentional link between us.

While I pulled up the PDF and printed my copy, I imagined inserting a needle made of energy gently into the region between his eyebrows. I didn’t “jab” him with it because I didn’t want him to feel anything.

From there, I just pushed my thought into his mind … “Just charge him for the copy. Just charge him for the copy. Just charge him for the copy.”

And then I just let it go.

When I went to pay for the copy, he said “Ok, just one copy … that will be 10 cents.” I paid for it, thanked him and left.

On the way out, I thanked Belial for the lesson and lending me his power. I asked him how I could make myself more charismatic and influential. He invited me to keep him invoked until he told me it was time to separate. He said that it would help me shift my aura closer to his so that I could take on more of his properties.

As I type this, we’re still sitting here together as I Am-I Am.

Not only have we had several very interesting and enlightening conversations, but it’s also having the wonderful side effect of helping me release the energy blockages caused from my issues with trusting people. It’s also helping me get into a more comfortable state of flow, which is helping me release the energy blockages caused by my need to control things.

Thank you, My Brother of the Spirit.


Great post. Belial is a beast.

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Quick update then I’m going to bed.

I invoked Belial for several hours and allowed our auras to merge so that I could take on more of the characteristics of charisma, attraction, and influence.

I had three noticeable results …

  • a waitress treated me very well, much better than she treated her other customers
  • a stranger struck up a conversation with me for no apparent reason (I’ve rarely had that happen)
  • a woman who works at a Chinese restaurant I frequent is normally sour and not talkative … tonight, she was very friendly and even made sure to tell me how she took special care and added something special to my order

I made sure I didn’t act any differently or go out of my way to talk to other people. I just quietly went about my day.

I’d say those are pretty clear results.


Ohh im going to try this
Is it doable to some not in your sight

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If this was Dragon Ball you would become “Belikarath”

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