First experience with Archangel Heylel aka Lucifer

I recently made a big step in shedding the JCI baggage that I have from childhood.

I contacted Archangel Heylel Lucifer for the first time.

He is absolutely incredible. My only mistake I’d not facing my fears years ago to contact him.

It was very simple I used his enns , my singing bowl and this seal.

His presence comes on very fast. I was delighted and surprised that he showed me an image of an open hand facing me. This is my private emergency call sign to Archangel michael. He did this call sign to help me be unafraid.
I met him and he is to me as an angel silhouette surrounded by brilliant blinding white light.

I felt peace and clarity and I felt that for the first time in my life things were going to be ok.

I told him I acknowledge him and respect him.
I asked him why he called me. But words weren’t necessary. He said I wanted to help you.

I said I accept your proposal.

I feel like I just got drafted to the number one team in the league.

Now I feel no fear of the demons angels or elementals or djinn.

In my workings I always call King Bael and Prince Orobas to assist me as I’m pacted with them. From now on I’m calling Archangel Heylel too.

This was the biggest moment of my LHP journey. I can’t believe all the lies about him I believed gif so long.

I feel wide awake and on the team and finally heading home.

Hail Archangel Heylel!
Hail Lucifer!

The future belongs to us. Let’s move on together.

Please share the moment when you faced your fears and met Lucifer for the first time.


Excellent progress! Congratulations on your continuous movements forward and your progress.


Interesting note: I held my hand over the sigil when I opened the thread, and the whole time I could feel a continuous strong warmth emanating from it. It’s hard to describe the sensation exactly.


Thank you @Dankquanicus you’ve always impressed me on the forum with your experience and poise so that compliment coming from you means alot.

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My fingers tingled 15 minutes after the ritual.

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Thank you, that compliment actually means a lot coming from you!

The hand I used to hold over it (My left hand) was tingling just now until a bit after I banished. Although I didn’t feel any danger or anything negative from the energy, I felt calm about it.
It came to me afterwards that the sensation was almost like that of light, matching his name as the Light-Bringer, but after a while I could also feel cold. I thought of the colour black, like it is a sensation. A black-hole comes to mind, or a similar concept to it. Life sapped. Or more like motion sapped. Or halted, removed perhaps. That is what comes to mind.

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Yes it’s everything you described.

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I was very surprised be knew my secret call sign with Michael Archangel. The outstretched hand. Hand in hand together.

When he displayed this call sign I knew not to fear him.


King Bael told me " Go on, it’s time, hes waiting for you./"

So king Bael and the courage of Duke Aim propelled me to a real victory.

I’m very grateful. I feel liberated.

I had been dreading meeting him. I couldn’t see past fear and ignorance on him.


Thanks for the feedback and Iook forward to anyone who wants to share thier first meeting with Lucifer.

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I think there are few on the path who come from a JCI background and never struggle with the programming they received. When I left I didn’t feel much fear for the occult for years, but some time ago the fear came to surface from when I was a Christian, and so I had to reevaluate things. When you practice, many things come to light, and you realize what nonsense the Christian world-view is, and just the impossibility of it.

So this is really one of the best victories to overcome that! It’s really one of those things you have to consider at some time to really move past it. Just like any programming.


You’re absolutely right. To my thinking the only way is to confront these beliefs and ideas directly and to face ones fears boldly.

My confidence in myself and my practice is much higher now. Time to explore Sitra Ahra!

One thing I’ll add is that I accept the destiny I’ve chosen and I stand by my decision.


My first time meeting Lucifer was for a spar in projection. Although, I never really had any fear of him just more of a “cool I’m meeting a nation leader in the etheric”

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See man I got raised in a conservative southern baptist home. I rebelled from this at about age 12 and started questioning things and began looking into the occult. I was very difficult for me to shed the baggage of the judeo Christian religions. Even though I thought I had shed this baggage there were still irrational beliefs and fears I’ve had to confront. It sounds like you didn’t have to go through that man and that’s awesome.

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I was raised southern baptist also, but I started this in single digits without my family really knowing.


Ah I see. Well I’m glad you got smart sooner than I did. I just got to a point recently where I decided this being afraid of beings like Lucifer was just bullshit that I wasn’t going to accept it from myself anymore. Time to start facing my fears and going outside my comfort zone.

That’s really awesome you started so young man.

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