First Evokation of King Paimon

So I know there’s a ton of information about King Paimon on here, but I wanted to share my experience and get some input.

I tried to evoke King Paimon tonight, for the first time. I know he’s very good at manipulating people and things, and can also be a great teacher for beginners.
(From what I’ve read)
Well, I lit a black candle that I carved his name into, lit some insence and put some offerings on a plate.
I drew his sigil as best I could, and had my phone set in front of the candle, with a picture of someone I wanted him to influence to come back into my life.

When I first started to gaze at his sigil, it was so quiet, the silence was actually getting loud. (If that makes sense?)
I tried to gaze at it as long as I could, before I set it down and tried to meditate and call to him.
Now, I was a little intimidated at first, can’t really explain why, but for some reason I was a bit. I put that aside and started to call to him, and ask that he come to me.
After about 5 minutes of this, and not really being able to allow myself to fall into a deep meditation, I heard one of the bowls with the insence actually move.
Now, that might’ve been the insence stick moving in the bowl, but I’m keeping an open mind. Also, when I first asked him to come to me, the flame on the candle moved slightly.
Anyway, I didn’t want to risk angering him, or annoying him, by continuing to ask him to come, so I just started to talk, as if he was there.
I also apologized to him for being undeveloped still, and asked he be patient.

I then began to tell him the things I was unhappy with in my life, and asked that he guide and teach me, and help me to develop myself, and teach me to apply my abilities to my life.
I then asked that he bring someone back into my life, that was no longer a part of it, as this was the greatest burden I am dealing with.
I then told him of the offerings I had for him, thanked him again for coming, and asked that he influence this person to contact me, as a sign that he was actually present, and that he had agreed to work with me.

All in all, I’m a little surprised and slightly concerned.
I’ve reached out to Lilith, Astaroth, and Duke Sallos before, and all of them allowed me to feel there energy.
King Paimon was different. I didn’t feel anything much. And the little bit of a different feel, might’ve been my own intimidation? Who knows?
But I’m just a little surprised that someone as powerful as King Paimon, wouldn’t have been more of an overwhelming feeling?
I know that he would NOT have allowed me to feel an overwhelming feeling, if he didn’t want me to. I just hope that he was there, and that he will work with me and help me overcome my current obstacles.
Again, I asked him for a sign through this other person’s contacting of me, so we’ll see.
I will continue to keep everyone updated as time goes on. “Fingers crossed”
Anyone have any feedback or info they can share, based on there own experience?
Anyone have a similar experience with King Paimon?

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Last two weeks when I evoke Paymon, a black dragon showed up. It’s very clear that the great King Paimon didn’t come but sent a servant or a familiar.

What am I saying?

It could also mean that he didn’t come but sent a servant or one of his familiar.


You may be able to facilitate communication but perhaps you may be unable to feel them at this time, if that makes sense. Kind of like bieng noseblind.

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In all of your evocations, have you ever expected the spirit to show up? Did you always assume they would send a familiar?


You won’t always be overloaded with their energy. You mentioned the silence was actually loud. This is a good description of what happens with King Paimon. I’ve noticed that when he comes with other Kings it’s actually a quieter and more calm experience than when he comes on his own. Perhaps you had a full house.


Or maybe he was standing there listening to you, or as they said there he might have sent a servant. When I tried to evoke him, I did not feel anything too strong, just a pressure on my shoulders, more because I was not with the developed astral senses, no I could identify if it was him or a servant.

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Interesting…Very interesting.
Yes, the silence was very loud, (If that makes sense)
And in a way, it was a very plain and simple, but different experience.
And replaying it in my head, one of the bowls did move. I heard it drag across the tile floor like an inch. And when I first said, (please come to me) the flame on the candle did flicker. So I’m gonna assume if it wasn’t actually King Paimon, it was at least a servant upon his sending.
But either way, I’m gonna continue to meditate and focus on him.
I want to learn and develop. I want to get better, so I will continue to try to get his attention and hopefully get myself to where I can actually hear, and maybe see him.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. Really good information. I greatly appreciate it, guys. :slightly_smiling_face:

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