First Evocation

I just tried to make my very first evocation. I lit some candles, repeated his Enn a few times and then gazed into the sigil. When I started thinking “Lucifer, come” the fire from the candle in front of me started to shift different forms that I don’t really know how to explain. Also I felt a change of heat around me. I wasn’t able to hear him but I told him that I what I wanted his help for anyways hoping that at least he hears me, and gave him an offering as a “new friendship” gift.
What I found interesting was that the incense extinguished itself right as I was closing the ritual even though usually it lasts much longer and I have to blow it out.
Besides, last night I prayed to him before going to sleep and I had a very strange sensation. After ending the prayer I put myself to bed and I started feeling like I wasn’t either awake nor asleep. It was a strange feeling of complete silence, like everything around shut down and my body was melting into the mattres. I haven’t had such a deep sleep in a very long time. I was wondering if that is a good sign or a sign at all? :laughing:

I also wanted to ask you if you were able to hear the entity that you were evoking from the first time? I plan on meditating daily following some of EA’s videos on yt hoping it’ll help me with clairaudience


Invocation results seem to differ greatly for each person. I feel them, communicate telepathically, but sometimes hear them as a human were speaking to me. They know what we need for transformation.
That sound sleep is a gift. They could also be preparing you for something.


Sounds like you had a successful invocation. There isn’t always audio stimuli associated even if you’ve heard entities before. Invocations themselves can vary greatly as well.


:hugs: I know the feeling pretty well! Love Lucifer :kissing_heart:

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