First evocation with Duke Sallos

Ok so I’ve been browsing here for a bit and for the first time noticed people calling upon beings to aid them in their requests. I was intrigued and what brought me here is finding a more “potent” way to bring my ex back. She left and carried some negative thoughts about me that weren’t totally justified so I just needed something to push her my way but she wouldn’t budge, so I called upon Duke Sallos for help, and I think he came.

To begin I drew his sigil and studied it under a white candle I cleansed (I did not have red). I placed the sigil down for me to kneel in front of, places the candle and left a shot of whiskey as an offering. I tried calling but nothing. Candle didn’t do anything but burn normally. I took a break and did more research. I found out about chanting his enn, memorized it and then went back to the still lit candle and began to chant.

And I’m still kind of freaked out. After chanting and gazing into the sigil, the candle flame started going wild, it seemed to give off a reddish glare onto the paper I drew the sigil and would then calm down. As I began speaking my request the candle would again start dancing around and gave off a few plumes of black smoke but then stopped but still continued to dance when I spoke. I thanked him for acknowledging my request, said the whiskey is for him if he chooses and said he may leave at his leisure. I wouldn’t say I felt any physical presence but I would say he made it known through the candle. Thoughts?


Just the other night I called upon Sallos for the first time for a similar reason. I believe he has been working for me as well. I had nothing to offer him close to what I’ve read he liked, so I just asked him what he would like as an offering. As soon as I asked this, the sandalwood incense which was burning flared up. I took this as he was happy with the incense for now? I did read that he liked sandalwood.
I’d be interested in hearing how things go for you, @spiritofjj . Thanks for sharing!


Sounds like Sallos has certainly heard your request, great job! Don’t worry about not being able to sense the presence of the spirit, as a beginner your astral senses are just starting to be developed and it may take some time, and more importantly consistent practice, before you feel anything too strongly. Thankfully, you may not be able to hear them now, but they can most definitely hear you.

Your job now is to just relax and trust that Sallos is doing his thing. With a little patience, you will have what you desire. If you find yourself worrying about your results or whether or not Sallos did actually hear you, remind yourself of the signs that he gave you, and remember the feeling that having your results will give you, as though they have already come about. Remember that you have issued your command to reality, and know that reality now bends to your Will.

Welcome to magick, friend. I wish you the best on your rise to power.


Congratulations on contact with the Duke! I’m sure he heard your request, and whiskey was a good choice. One word of advice is that Duke Sallos works at his own pace when it comes to love magick, and it might not be the pace you expect or want. Stay patient and trust that he knows what he’s doing, and he will come through in amazing ways. Hail Duke Sallos!


I sat on this comment most of the day and felt the need to respond now. Odd you mention acting as if I have what I want already because all day I kept feeling as if I did. Not in a way where I convinced myself to feel it, I just DID. Super weird feeling of relief when nothing really happened yet. One thing I have noticed though is being woken up twice last night by a voice but it sounded much younger, like a 20 something year old man. I didn’t hear what was said because it just sounded like a quick shout to wake me up. Last thing I noticed is that I could not get warm at all today. I wasn’t cold and it was around 40 degrees where I am but driving in my car I had the heat going hard and still felt this inner chill that wouldn’t go away. It wasn’t uncomfortable but very apparent. Not sure if calling Sallos produces side effects or not.

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The Duke, in my experience, doesn’t have a deeply aggressive energy. He always felt lite and airy to me. So I wouldn’t be surprised if others have a hard time sensing his presence. Other than practicing to strengthen your psychic abilities to feel and hear spirits, try just communing with him without a request or leave his sigil open and place it under you pillow to get a better sense of his energy. I’ve worked with him many times and must say I have nothing but good to thank him for. Basically, I went a different route on the typical love spells. With the help of Sallos, I cast a spell on myself to open my heart to love and to be loveable. The idea was to not force my will onto another person but to force personal growth on myself which would position me to be able to find and receive love. 2 weeks after that happened it manifested into my life. And continues to this day.


In my experience, emotional energy is some of the most potent that you can bring into magick. By taking our current emotions, the ones that we feel because the desired result is not manifest, and changing them with an act of alchemy, we change our internal state of being. This emotional transmutation of the microcosm is then reflected out into the macrocosm, the external manifest world.

By bringing forth your emotions in ritual, and then transmuting them, you show the spirits the state of being that you desire. Through your magick, reality will then change to match the new emotional state that you have attained. This is why it is crucial to trust in the spirits and in your own magickal power.

From the stories I’ve heard from those new to magick, and from my own experiences, the spirits often like to put on a bit of a show of their power to neophytes. These “supernatural,” for lack of a better term, effects will stick around to some extent, though how they are expressed in your life will change over time. These initial demonstrations of power are to help re-assure you that indeed you have performed magick, and that it is truly bending reality before you.

Wise words as well @Blackflag16, I think many could learn from them.


The first time I called upon Duke Sallos, immediately following the ritual, I felt completely different. It was a feeling emanating from within the depths of my being.
That night when I went to bed, I had some strange closed eye visions. Not sure if I could describe them even if I tried. Also, I slept extremely heavy and woke up the next day in some strange position which I’ve never woken up in. I found that some things, including my phone had been knocked off of my nightstand, which never happens. I can only assume I did it in the night moving my arms around while tossing and turning, despite this, it was still a very restful sleep.


I tried again to contact Duke Sallos tonight, the same approach as the first time (white candle since I don’t have red, hand drawn sigil and his enn) but it wasn’t as obvious than the first time. This time however, being as I’m very serious of my request of him, I made offering of my blood on his sigil and then went to sleep with his sigil under my pillow. I could only fall asleep for maybe 10 min and something woke me up but I don’t recall what.

I also tried to summon Dantalion as well right after and the candle used with him (purple) made several “popping” sounds and danced often. I again offered him blood as well (I purchased a lancet) to show my dedication and seriousness in the matter and what I will offer once my request is complete. I called Sallos to take control over the situation as a whole and Dantalion to work on the mindset of the target.