First evocation feat Bathin

I just wanted to let everyone know I had gone through my first evocation, yay!

Just kidding, I just wanted your feedback. So, for my first evocation I chose Bathin. Well, I wanted to offer him something because I needed to ask for something.

So, first off I prepared everything, then I meditated for a while. Then I went ahead and did the Banishing rite of the Dark Lord. (It was also my first time doing it).

At this point I was starting to feel some pressure in my head (third eye area), nothing much.

Once done, I went ahead and recited Bathin’s enn while lighting up two purple candles and sandalwood incense. Then I kept reciting his enn with his sigil in my hands and gazing at it (that I had drawn earlier). At this point I started to shake and get goosebumps. For some reason my voice lowered all of a sudden (I wasn’t speaking loudly to begin with) but I slowly ended up whispering very very quietly and then I stopped. I just talked to Bathin as if he was there although I couldn’t see him, thanked him for hearing me, told him what I wanted to ask, gave him his offerings (fruit, water, chocolate and cheese). Thanked him again and dismissed him (told him he could stay if he wanted).

I have a feeling he liked the cheese because it looked so old compared to the other offering although I had cut it just 20 minutes earlier. It was all wiggly and strange looking for some reason)

Do you think he heard me? Do you think my first evocation was a success? I feel like it went good for a first time.


Yeah he heard you that was a very successful invocation congratulations I’m soooo happy for you


He was one of my first evocations as well! Although, this was using the goetia method (although very ghetto, with very little stuff, and my own incantations), but I can’t recall the details. It was to help me with astral projection. It was going to work, but a day or two after that was the feast of the immaculate conception, which I went to (kinda had to). The days prior I have changed drastically, and I really hated the church and all holy things. But when I went to church that day, I was able to ask Mary for help. A year later I do it again, but I don’t hate the church. It was a weird personality change.


im glad to hear im just done with churches…

What’s Bathin’s enn?

Dian Prator Unka Bathin

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