First evocation ever: Archangel Chamuel

I did my first evocation of any higher power today, and I’m not sure how it went.
I drew Archangel Chamuel’s sigil, lit an incense and a white candle. It was daytime but I’ve read on here that it’s not very important.
As I meditated for a bit, I saw an angel figure in my head. Now, I’m not sure if it was the result of the process or my mind just associated that image with what I was doing and therefore found it relevant to show it to me. As I started talking to him(or at least I like to think he was there), it felt more like a therapy session. Like I was blabbering away and got a little emotional as well. After I was done I told him I was grateful, and then the ever-steady flame of the candle suddenly went nuts and it actually surprised me for a bit, and after a few seconds it was steady again.

Can anyone tell me more descriptively about their experiences with this particular Archangel? I want to make sense of this, want to find out whether it really was him or just my mind. Thanks!


What exactly are you hoping to get? It was your experience? Whether it’s your mind or it was actually happening, it was your experience. Nobody can confirm or deny your experience because it was your experience. So, take it as that.

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As one said, it is your experience and it is unique to all persons.
As much as we want to see majestic and glory we must always remember the goal of the evocation. All look for results.

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You’re asking the wrong question, in my opinion. The point of the ritual is to reach that state of mind, when you do not know, if what you experienced was “real” or not, then push that moment deeper, take it a step further to “know”, by an act of conscious will or subconscious conviction, that it was real.

If you’re a skeptical like me - not necessarily a bad thing :slight_smile: - you can ask the spirit to validate its presence by physical action. For example, a knock on a door or window, moving something around, making noise, anything simple and not too difficult to do, that would make it clear in your mind that the spirit is there.

If you can’t trust your mind, you can use a medium for the spirit to manifest. Usually something from the 4 elements. For example : A mirror or a crystal - earth element, water or oil - water element, candle flame - fire element, smoke or incense - air element. Something that takes the pressure away from your mind, but still keep you focused and concentrated in the ritual and establishing a contact or communication with the spirit.


That physical manifestation is for real? Cam spirits actually do something easy like knock on the window, movement of wid or flickering of the candles fire? Dope, thanks for the info, I’ll ask next time.


Well, I did evoke him for a specific purpose but mostly because I wanted to start with evocations and reading about him made me feel comfortable and pleasant somehow.
But you’re right. It was what it was.

I mean trust me I wasn’t expecting glory or anything, and you know, I don’t think I doubt whether it worked or not but simply how it went. I did feel different, but the part where I started talking to him about my problems like he was my best friend… I don’t know if that usually happens.

I didn’t think I could do that. I will definitely keep it in mind. And to ask him to manifest in one of the elements, I would have to do just that? Just ask him?

Also, is there a cap on how many times I can evoke the same spirit?
And if there’s anyone with a similar experience where you got all emotional whilst talking to your spirit do post here

Thanks for all the help everybody!


Yes you prepare the medium in your ritual space, concentrate and call him by name over and over - or use any special incantation if you have one - ask him to manifest so you could see him, and eventually he will. You don’t ask and wait… you need to keep calling him and “insist” that he does.

Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen from the first time - usually it does - sometimes you may need to repeat the ritual several times until you get a response.


I’m now preparing to contact with Chamuel/Camael. Is this true that he is also responsible for love relations?

I always did wonder if Chamuel existed or not because in my time dabbling toward Catholicism, they told me Chamuel wasn’t an archangel

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That’s because in the sixth or seventh century one of the Pope’s banned the veneration of Archangels not found in the Scriptures. But it doesn’t stop them from being Archangels.


All the archangels I was told to venerate were well, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Chamuel came to me once before in a vision of pink on the very beginning of my path-was still dabbling in Catholicism. Was told to ignore it

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I’ve been having a similar type of interaction with Santa Muerte. I would cry every time I talked to her & get very emotional. Some times I have to tell her I need to stop, because the emotions become overwhelming. She understands & lets me go if I want to. She almost feels like a family member.