First ever course on Reality about siddhis and shaktis

While EA had done a lot regarding yogic siddhis like manifestation,materialisation etc…would there be a course(the first one ever) which deals with all yogic siddhis,their realities,pros and cons,possibilities, practice and applications?Not only yogic siddhis but all kinds of magical abilities listed in other ancient traditions and their practice and possible applications

I have listed the yogic siddhis as per my interests(exclude those already taught by EA in the list)

Ashta Siddhis are:

  1. Aṇimā:
    Ability to reduce the size of the body, sometimes even to the size of the atoms.

  2. Mahima:
    Ability to assume a gigantic form

  3. Garima
    Ability to become very heavy in weight by will

  4. Laghima
    Laghima comes from the word laghu, which means small or light. Laghima is the ability to make the body very light (‘Becoming lighter than the lightest’). Levitation and flying in the air are its subsidiary powers

  5. Prāpti
    Word praapti means ‘to obtain’, ‘having obtained’, ‘to have got’. Thus praapti is the ability to acquire anything anywhere.- covered by EA

  6. Prākāmya
    The ability to obtain anything desired, ability to have realized the dreams- covered by EA

  7. Iṣiṭva
    Iṣa=lord; isitva=lordship; The power of absolute lordship over entire creation

  8. Vaśitva
    The ability to have everything under control, especially the physical manifestation made up of 5 elements

Supernatural powers mentioned in Bhagavata Purana

Tri-kāla-jñatvam: Knowledge of past present and future

Advandvam (non-duality): not being subject to dualities of heat/ cold, pain/ pleasure, sweat/ bitter, good/ bad

Para citta ādi abhijñatā: Knowing of others’ minds

Agni arka ambu viṣa ādīnām pratiṣṭambhaḥ: having fire, sun, water, poison in control and stopping their effect

Aparājayah: becoming unconquerable

Anūrmi-mattvam: Being undisturbed by hunger, thirst, and other body generated cravings

Dūra-śravaṇa: Hearing things/ events happening very far

Dūra-darśanam: Seeing things/ events happening very far

Manaḥ-javah (manojvitva): Moving physical body wherever one wants

kāma-rūpam: Attaining/ assuming desired form

Para-kāya praveśanam (vikranabhav): Entering another persons body
(spirits are believed to enter a person’s physical body whose astral body is weak, but the power mentioned here is different and superior)- covered by EA

Sva-chanda mṛtyuh: To die only on one’s wish (like that of Bhishma from Mahabharat, like that of many sages who left their bodies by their own wish)

Devānām saha krīḍā anudarśanam: Witnessing the pastimes of demi-gods (or Witnessing the events of 3 worlds as pastimes like god does)

Yathā sańkalpa saḿsiddhiḥ: Achieving as one determines

ājñā apratihatā gatiḥ: One’s commands unstopped

Other powers

Memories of past lives

Clairvoyance - covered by EA


Bi-location/ multi-location

Materialization - covered by EA

Control over natural phenomenon like raining, sunrise/ sunset

Prakhya Siddhi: ability to chose the womb to be born in before birth

Surya Vijnan: Transforming one material into another by the use of sun rays

Please correct me if already these topics are covered by EA and if covered by mages you know of

Ever Moving Towards Becoming a Living God


Old thread, but here I come to raise it from the grave. Is that a siddhi?

Anyway, I’m doing so because I was interested in this topic, and this thread is what popped up in the search. Strange that no one ever replied, given this forum’s purpose. Or it could be that Yogic teachings are incompatible with LHP philosophy?

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EA could throw something like that for the left hand path!

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It takes continuous, extensive work. Too many people arent willing to put in the effort to even meditate daily, or even clean their bedroom in their parents house…much less do what is required to reach even one thing on that list.


how to materialize an object?

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If you wish to gain siddhis, tantra is the way to go, but siddhis are not the aim, and the Gods offer you much more and better than simpe superhuman powers, i am even unsure if you can go to them with the aim of gaining siddhis without offending them


This is an old post but here I give a process to received the Ashta Siddhi via mantra method. This is not easy or instant method but it takes time and dedication.
You have to chant a Shakti mantra who invoke all the siddhis into yourself.
The secret process is to keep the chant all the time (round the clock) into the mind and do meditation session (focus on third eye and chant the mantra softly) during 15mn morning and evening.
After some time you will experience ajapa japa and the mantra will repeat itself without any effort.At this stage just focus on the sound and do 2 meditation session every days keeping the focus on the sound. This sound will shift into something else and during this stage you will know how to do to manifest Siddhis.

The mantra is:

Om Ashtasiddhipradayai namah

( Meaning: I seek the blessings of the Goddess who grants the 8 Siddhis).