First Entity You Ever Evoked

Hey All,

What entity was the first you ever evoked? I know Ea has mentioned King Paimon being the first he ever evoked to physical manifestation and I am curious as to what the more experienced, members of the forum evoked for their first evocation. A Demon? Angel? Elemental? What was the reason you chose that particular entity? Please share your choices.

I am preparing for my first evocation this weekend, and I have chosen Sastan from Kingdoms of Flame, to help with developing my abilities.

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the first entity I ever envoked was the elemental king Ghob, I mostly summoned him to teach me nature magic and to become one with nature

The first demon I ever evoked was murmur from the goetia. Before that I had been delving extremely deep into necromancy and trying to gain power over death, mainly through the idea of binding my soul to my corpse and keeping it animated. Fortunately I found another method that is much better than living in an animated skeleton lol… At that time the only reason I evoked murmur was to gain more knowledge about necromancy and a little bit of protection from the shades of the dead.

Excellent! Thanks necromaster and huntmiester!

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i imagine what happened

Vassago… Knowledge.

Also Necro when I see that bright blue pentagram avatar to the left I know I’m about to read some heavy shit lol.
My kid pulled the fucking modem power cable the other day when I lost you. Sorry.

Technically the first spirits I evoked was a being I got from dante I can’t talk about here. The first known one I called I believe was Dantalion. I had him help with my telepathy which was a good success.

Bune… I still evoke to this day. I have a strong connection with him…

Astaroth was the first that I made significant contact with. She scared the absolute shit out of me, then laughed and taught me how to transmute that same fear into power

Martal was the first entity I felt I had a successful evocation of, prior to that I was just a dabbler and really didn’t know what I was doing despite perform maybe 3 or 4 evocations

Corson. i evoked corson within a month of finding out about goetia after photoreading goetia, the greater key of solomon, and the sacred magick of abramelin the mage and taking careful notes.

he came through, took a look around, and left.

i actually came close to achieving the rapture but mistook it for tiredness and instead of pushing through i blacked out and nodded off. i had no idea that i was supposed to stay awake. i didn’t learn that until last year (this was 8 years ago).

you live and you learn.


I took part in the first “30 Day Challenge” I actually saw Raphael and that is when magic became VERY real to me. The fact that I had success with the archangel inspired me to work with Belial cause shit, now I know I can do it.

In a very real way I have Andrieh to thank for the crazy (and awesome) train ride I have been on this last year.

Ekati. Because She’s my matron and I wanted to meet Her face to face.


After that evocation, I would say I began to actually ‘get it’. Amazing angel. Follows through every single time I work with him.

The first thing I really consider I “evoked” was an egregoric demon thing that looked like a baby covered in spines with evil red-black eyes, I was in my late teens starting the merry world of work and used it to attack people - I physically saw it as semi-transparent a few times, freaked myself out completely (especially when the people it attacked seemed distinctly discomfited by it) and gave up that kind of operation for years afterwards.

That thing was all my malice (against creepy groping bosses etc.) and insecurity made form, and it actually freaks me out now to think about it, it was really evil looking.

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