First contact; Now what?

I had a “feeling” that there was a spirit here earlier. As a note, I’m new to all this and still am in sort of a transitional phase between my imagination and my magickal imagination. Naturally, I have no way to confirm then that this really happened.

However, I felt as though I should sit down and see if anything would speak to me. I went for automatic writing, though I know it has it’s faults, it was simple and on hand. Not to mention I could keep the writing afterwards.

As soon as I started to… think? Not think? Whatever?.. I immediately felt to write “I am here” about a half dozen times. I tried as hard as I could to separate myself from my mind, and simply let the pen write on it’s own so that I could look back at it later. As much as I tried, this was nearly impossible. Things were jumping into my head. (Should I have simply listened to this instead?)

Afterwards, I felt prompted to burn some incense. I tranced out as best as I could, and for a moment it was almost as though someone was staring back at me. Just the head and shoulders; completely unfocused and like a silhouette. It was gone before I could even get a good look at it.

So I’m still trying to decide if I had an actual encounter or not, but saying I did, what do I do next? I know basically nothing about necromancy.

It’s also worth noting that I asked for it to show me something, and nothing really happened. Other than that imagine my head of course.

One thought that occurs to me is- using the tool of auto-writing, the two types: the dictating/guided type (where you sense/hear and write it, as EA phrases it in the Divination Course), vs the ideomotor type (where your hand sort of moves on its own)... differentiate the two, if they are blurred you sort of stick in the middle  
Also the Second-type (ideomotor above) has the form where you are motionless (whether writing implement, or hand on a planchette ~Ouija, or dowsing/pendulum.. just hanging then it gradually builds up) VS where you sort of flow into motion- giving a loose-movement that you flow with (this later version is how EA shows/teaches Ouija in the Div Course...  I'd previously only seen the prior way)...  

for ex in autowriting, the prior would be waiting and the pen/pencil moves a bit then may stop or change or whatever but the motor-impulse goes directly to the hand, and when it wanes/ceases movement ends… [ in that way one wouldn’t know what is being Drawn/written (an interpretation- jump whether assumed or received would be a separate stream- thus would be combining these methods. How be sure which to listen to? that is the skill) ] To contrast with this still-waiting method of autowriting… the (later-above) method of previously moving would be to start with light-loose loopy-circles arcing this way and that with little arcs and small straight lines… which could then compress into a smaller-defined shape/words etc…
all above just to differentiate types of writting (ie if you were doing AutoWrite as listen-think and dictate that then that wouldn’t expect to feel hand-driven, while it could shift modes… but the Key is the Contact-line)

When I read the first part of your post <“I am Here” written a number of times> seemed to sum up a feeling I sensed from the first of your post-writing… sort of like two people making eye-contact and one says, “hello” and the other just responds “hello” … (hello? hello…) part is the communication settling/rippening and the Contact-deepens and stabilizes… (imagine talking on a short-wave, or even a cellphone/mobile- where the signal is fading-in&out with distortion when the first Contact "Hello, this is ^^** calling to talk about *%$&&… " <?> it sort of stops everything- the first part is who?
(the $%# to rep the squeks and howls of distortion:)

plus the above ex is two “people” contacting… while stabilizing the Contact-line (ie at first it is held by attn… lose attn and things could drift… so there is that feel of gradual…) but add to that (just as in ex) meeting the eye-contact of a critter of some kind in the leaves (like a deer)… the thought that Others have the same kind of thoughts (or none at all) is a bit off to me, so first a sense- if Both wish to have Contact (vs break-contact) then there is seeking common-ground/getting on the same page… etc.

just a few thoughts- hope it might add some
(the part at the end about- you saw some, then you wrote “I asked for it to show me something” ? implying you said- make something dramatic happen? (energy+presence ~phy-concrete materialization= dramatic… and yet until you know who/What it is… ready to invite it “in”?)

Keep doing it!! Do it everyday for 7 days, even if you get what you are suppose to early in the work. Do the work for the skill building.