First Black Mirror Experience

I got my black mirror yesterday and tried it out.It was a kind of weird experience because when i was charging it with my energies i sensed and felt energy pulsating around me.Anyway i asked one of my succubi to show themselves to me in the mirror but got this instead.Heavy eyelids and then i saw 2 female hands in a clasping gesture from a first person point of view.At first i didn’t think i was seeing anything but then realized i was.Then i noticed not too long aftwards my mind was blank but wasn’t because i noticed a thought out of nowhere saying "You need to control the energies inside.For me it gets weirder because my mind went blank again then another thought “Overtones of the church” (whatever the hell that means).It could have been one of the succubi that was speaking to me even though my mind was blank and i only caught part of what she was say.This thought came to me as well “Alowahee”.Don’t ask because i never heard of that word or know the correct spelling of it.

Might it have been Eloahim?

It could be because it does sound similar but it could be a derivative of that word to mean maybe godesses?since your post got me thinking.I asked a magician if he knew what that word meant he said he knew it was hawaiian to which he didn’t know the meaning.