Finnish Mythology...Sverige...Norge...Danmark,

and paradise, in finland?
The question about Atlantis, where it was,
and when, as a paradise, has bothered
us for a long time, ever since the antiquity,
when that name came into limelight for the
first time. Plato brought that name into being
when he told that his grandfather had heard
about it from Egyptian priests. They had told
that it was an island of paradise somewhere
behind the two pillars of Atlas, that is, behind
the Gibr-altar, (?) which is just anywhere outside
the Mediterranean world. (Those Greeks
had left Finland 3 600 years ago)
So where it was then?
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Asbjörn- have you any way of verifying any of this? Using divination, maybe?
This subject is close to my heart as I have sat and listened to my friend Ior Bock tell of this pre-history. It involves all of the Scandinavian countries.

Adding a better link for you guys.

Just so you know, Finland had a culture independent of the Vikings. In fact their language is not related to Swedish, Norwegian or Danish. So I’m not sure how much those who know Norse myth can help, since Finnish mythology is distinct. I myself know quite a bit of Norse mythology but hardly anything about Finnish tales.
It is still in Scandinavia because of it’s location but it’s not a Nordic country.

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Finland, just like Sweden before it’s Viking era, has a traditional folklore and Kalevala is the most known. Like most folklores, it started by oral tradition before it was published as litterature in 1835. Kalevala is a collection of poems that was traditionally sung passed from one generation to another.

What is not so known is that Finland, just like Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland, used runes in a similar way as the Vikings.


If you’re interested in Atlantis and their form of practice . You should check out Hope Murray’s book on Atlantis and the race of people that preceeded them, he also talks about their origins and goes into a lot of history.

You might like it

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