Finish the practitioners story!

Finish the Story’ is an interactive group story-telling game in which one person starts a story and then passes to other to continue, with a common question in mind.
It’s the perfect way to explore the many different ways in which we practise magic and explore our own abilities as evolving practitioners.

“A barely trodden path rests obfuscated by the snow. Beyond, a tenebrous woodland, thick with suffocating intention. A crystal clear stream splits through the woodland, as if to bring forth a deceptive equilibrium. All of which provides the leering, crimson moon with the promise of an inexplicable cosmic play of transmutation.

Further into the siren-presenced foliage, lurks a phenomenon which violates all known medically observable laws, where the angles of what can be discerned and what can only be felt meet in sinister matrimony. In the centre, a scene that can only be described as the Constant deconstruction and reconstruction of animal matter into unfathomable and geometrically-forbidden Compositions. The sounds of intermittently reversed wails and screams accompany the cabaret of mutation and biological violation.

Another observer stands tall in symmetrical contradiction. Merged into its head is what appears to be a black, diagonally stretched, isosceles triangle, the purpose of which harkens back to unspeakable, light-devouring rituals, vigintillions of aeons old.

Behind the black wraith, a locked, cast-iron gate besieged by two pillars, atop which a golden gargoyle sits to the right, and a black one sits to the left.”

How do you proceed past the locked gate, and what do you see next?

Be intuitive and creative and please share below.