Finding the Way

I am relatively new to the left hand path and trying to learn how many different paths there are so I am able to focus on the correct one. But my goal is being about to utilize entities for workings, conjures and also improve my invocations.



What kind of magick do you practice? Are you a beginner?

That’s what I am trying to find, I have heard there are several left hand paths, currently most of the entities I have tried to work with and learn were from the Goetia, however I am not really a big ritual person like the Goetia calls for

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So you are just beginning in magick.

The Left Hand Path is more of a philosophical outlook than anything else. It is not strictly about summoning demons, or worshipping Satan and Lucifer, or striking down your enemies. I do neither of those things and I walk the LHP.

It is whatever you want it to be.

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You don’t have to lock yourself down in one path. You can explore multiple paths. Go with what calls out to you and after that one has run it’s course or you feel you’ve learned all you can for the time being move onto another path you find interesting.


I am trying to find out where I can see what paths there are

I think you’re confused.

There is no “path.” The terms Left Hand Path and Right Hand Path are misnomers and, as I previously stated, have more to do with the overarching philosophy you live by than any specific ritual actions.

Whoever told you there are multiple Left Hand Paths was talking out of their ass because all specific systems of magick are neutral, and it is the magician that makes it Right or Left.

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Is a certain study that is similar and effective like the Goetia but without the circles and things

The Goetia is a traditional system of grimoire magick. However, it is not the only one.

Circles have their place, and before you go about trying to get rid of them, you really need to understand how they work and the purpose they serve.

Most working systems of ceremonial magick use a circle. Even EA’s system, which is the most bare bones around, uses circles.

The demonolatry system of S. Connolly, which worships demons in a religious way, also uses circles.

Circles are a tried and true method for focusing energy. They also serve to keep out unwanted spirits and energies.

Before you get into summoning spirits, you should learn to banish properly.


you do not know da wae

I’d recommend just going with your intuition instead of stressing over the different options. You can always explore different methods later.