Finding the truth within oneself

Greetings all,

I’m sure we have heard of the phrase ,“Look within yourself for all the secrets/truth is/are within you”. How do we actually extract the truth from ourself without the use of tools, say divination or evocation. I’m aware that certain knowledge can’t be discovered purely through our own efforts (Without divinatory tools or the aid of spirits), because “It’s just not there”.

How do you guys go about finding the truth within yourself?


If we do have a soul and that soul is living in higher planes from spirits and entities then it makes sense.Maybe a human soul can be more powerful than any kind of entity in many ways.
I’m sure there are others out there who can manifest miracles in their lives without the aid of spirits or magic.

Yeah, I think that power lies within us. I think that, if we learn and understand how to control our energy we’ll be able to manifest everything in our life. I think that it’s almost impossible but it’s still possible because we need to have very clear goal(s), will and dream about thing which we want to manifest.
Now, I don’t know if this is good example for energy and things like that but I’ll share something what happened to me personally.
When I was younger, I was able to receive things which I desires and if I desire something from full hearth, I would receive it in within 30 days. Here are few examples which happened to me personally when I was young.

  1. I still remember this like it was yesterday, I was watching TV and I saw honeycomb (I guess that’s correct term for it) and I was like: “I wish I could eat that, to taste it”… in next 3-4 days my aunt visited us and she brought me honeycomb. Honestly, I was very confused but as kid, I didn’t really care how that happened and I just focused on honeycomb.

  2. Another thing which happened to me is receiving brand new TV on my birthday as reward from CocaCola.

There are much more but I don’t have time to write everything but from my aspect of looking, these things didn’t happened naturaly.

As for the question of Pazuzu i think the answer lies to the sahasrara chakra.If there’s something which can connect you with your higher self,it’s this gate.

I’m right here, having same thing as a puzzle 'til now.

It has been a long time, it was just this later times then that I realized it was the very reason that put me in this practice.
My urge to know the truth. And it was to find myself.

The latest answer I’ve got was this, a really hard puzzle, if this be called a puzzle:
forget about your physical point of existence, focus IN somewhere you really wanna go and shall you be there.

And this words implied inside of me that to do so you must have a complete disconnection from your outer existence. all things in physical be forgotten and mental noise be stopped.
though is a short thought of the big idea, it is the backbone for how to know thyself. It is what i can put up, just the same as what masters have, after reading and learning from their teachings.
So the key is to practice mental silence and develop 'til you reach the the peak where you become in control of your mental being. That is the first before you can access your inside and go through to your deepest without being interupted. And they say, there waits everything.
"the gate is in your heart."
this may imply that it’s somehow connected with the heart chakra.

There is no truth. There are only perspectives with varying degrees of usefulness, depending on your intent. The irony of magical wisdom being that statement sounds like a truth. Truth is Meta.

Magical manifestations will always conform to your ideas of truth, which has led to to some fucked up beliefs. Like stories from Skinwalker Ranch where they say the things can read your mind and manifest things accordingly. Dumb shits don’t recognize their own power.

cusp, your right about that.

even I should refrain from using the word for that idea. The real thing( even I myself have called truth a lot)that we are looking for here is godhood. We look for nothing but the divine knowledge that leads us to mastery of ourselves and the whole.

^ Totally agree. This is why skeptical people and people who believe their God is against magick struggle so much.

“What the thinker thinks, the prover proves” as Robert Anton Wilson said.

You might start by answering that question yourself, instead of asking others.

Or, the person/spirit who said it.