Finding Purpose After reaching goals

I have only been practicing for around five years. I constantly meet my goals in stride, achievement is not something to revel in, it is simply what is expected of life (which is terribly boring). I have seen cool things, I have a job I am happy to work and I have cast aside addiction and all the fears that hampered me in my early development.

I keep running out of purpose.

I have read of you doing work to advance Azazel’s goals, you just put out a cool talk with Somnus Dreadwood and what he and his are doing to open up the veil.

This seems more like a partnership between the entities and the practitioner to achieve something greater. Than the practitioner blindly following and doing the bidding of some entity.

What inspired you to help advance the workings of this entity or that?

Did you run short of goals like I am starting to and decide to branch into something more? or was it more to do with logical progression through pathworking?

As an aside:

I still consider myself to be underdeveloped as a practitioner but I see no sense in evoking and performing rituals without need. Honestly when I evoke without having something in mind I awkwardly go through silly questions because I don’t know what I want to do. Evoking in the name of practice seems to be a poor intent.

I still want to be a better practitioner but without purpose I will not have the drive to truly excel because there is nothing to work hard for.