Finding Powerful Spells


Where can i find spells, that are workable, real, and powerful. I cant find good books on spells, does anyone here can guide me to a book, or post spells that work. I especially well take the ones that come form the spirits, seens there actually more powerful then the made up ones. Thanks!


For casting spells,I have one basic quesion:Is it at all necessary to know and master 3 GP or any one of them to effectively cast a spell.If not is there any accomplishment a mage must have to work out successfull with any spell?



Astralreek, anyone can perform spells, you don’t have to have 3GP(but always good thing to develop that 3GP), well getting to that spirituality consciousness mood, can accomplish the mage, because yesterday, I connected to the gods, but I didn’t think what I had to say, I just let it flow, form my lips, wow all the sudden, my body felt the presence of the gods, then I took the sigil of the entity, surround with pen/pencil as my magick circle, and evoke her in the Astral plane, start connect with her. Also note when casting spell, let it go to the universe, when you perform, don’t let it emotional attach to you, because you still keeping what it supposed to be the universe problem, after you cast the spell, let it go. I hope that answers you question.


You’re not going to find legitimate spells on the internet, it’s all wiccan bullshit these days. Work on evocation and get it down, then you won’t be worrying about finding spells.


Yea E.A.'s candle magick from the BALG free ebook is way more worthwhile than any spell you will probably find to be completely honest. Besides, no spell works without directed intent, and if you can direct your intent, you can pretty much make your own spells.


Sigil magick would be more effective than candle magic. Plus less materials, lunar cycles, ect ect.


Oh I agree, I just thought it was a bit simpler if you are beginning, but if you have got your theta/gamma down to a point of confidence, I certainly endorse that over the candle stuff!


Even if you don’t have theta down, doing things like scrying and opening sigils and often will get you into the state, might as well try to kill2 birds with one stone


Well you will get no argument from me, and actually I have been having this experience with sigils, almost being sucked into to trance-like states once attention is focused on them. So yea, definitely would prefer that route!