Finding out who you really are

Many people claim to either be a secure channel for certain entities, spirits, deities or go as far as to call themself said entity. Claiming to be a manifestation of their soul or part of their oversoul consciousness thereby more than 1 person can express that energy.
Its quite interesting to me as I’m sure many of you had quite profound experiences both internally and externally, spiritually and in the physical world. That would guide you to a particular source which expresses your intent, will and emotional force or energy signature you transmit in all realities.

If we are more than just who we currently are. What methods would 1 have to undergo to find out who they really are? My best bet is past life regression or simply asking the spirits or just deep contemplative meditation. (I know there’s so much more)

I understand that the ego needs to have an identity or title and I get the whole buddhist mind state of the spirit being no thing and just inhabits spaces. So its not coming from a egotistical pov. I just find it interesting many people will claim they are an angel, demon or God.
The process of I AM (insert)
Because being something is more effective than imitation. Actually living the energy through the self as a vessel.

If I had to wonder who I am. I just get a alien state of mind as I feel I’m not from this planet as many things of this world perplexes me. It could just be my stance on the law of duality and that gives me a sense of non bias to anything and struggle to choose between black n white amd just accepting them both bcz I understand its all one thing. Same coin just 2 sides. I always find myself on the coins edge. And its why this LHP doesn’t scare me or why I have the grit to work with spirits and going against indoctrinated upbringing teachings n beliefs.
I have a strong connection to the stars and believe Im just doing time on this planet. Either for some greater purpose or I wanted to feel something again. To suffer a mortal life. In some sense. Almost as if I was born long long ago. Or been a higher being in terms of density and wanted to experience the death of something because my life has been from what I can gather. A lesson about letting go. Which is difficult bcz I see value in just about everything and everyone. But having to give into the chaos and the order I so desperately cling to is merely idealism for a universe in constant entropy.

I might be something totally different from any scholarly texts or anything known to man in this timeline. The thought intrigues me as I continue solidifying my praxis of godhood and awakening to divinity.

Anyways are we the titles we give ourselves? Are we creating our own egregores through username and ppic? Or are we the manifestation of the spirit which came in said name before ? Carrying its mentality and fullfilling its goal or purpose.

Curious to hear how you found out who you are or methods used to edge closer to an answer which is close enough as anyone could get.


The soul varies from person to person, I think people overdo the I AM stuff simply to piggyback onto things they haven’t touched down on.

It’s not really the ego needing an identity but the soul has a sense of self and before we were who we are now our souls were it’s original self.

Many people find out their soul’s nature through soul diving, scans, divination, among other means and outside confirmation without bias or frontload makes it even better.

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Figure out what your good at naturally , what you are drawn to , how do you express yourself , let go of the idea that you know who you are ,

Definition of the self being rationalisations of the mind which orchestrates together thoughts, feelings and events into a plausible answer for the original thought or question to the point it can be argued.

The wise one knows that they know nothing

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Here’s my thoughts. Who was I yesterday, who am I today and who will I be tomorrow?

I can’t do much about yesterday. Today I can make a choice who I want to be.

An interesting side note, Greek mystery temples used to have the words “gnothi Se auton” on the doors I’ve read. It means know yourself.

I think as you experience life you find out who you are. At 40 I’d like to think I’ve been in my skin long enough to have an idea of what I’m all about.

Another above poster said Figure out what your drawn to and what resonates with you. I’ll add let your intuition be your guide. Trust it.

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