Finding out more about the spirits in Lucifer & The Hidden Demons

I’m currently working through the book Lucifer and The Hidden Demons. There seems to be a distinct lack of information online regarding certain entities, two of which are golog and Melabed. Is there a resource for delving deeper into the nature of the more obscure spirits in this book, and what their sigils are etc. I just want more to work with than the visualisations given.

The author says right in L & HD that the spirits are sourced from The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. The Abramelin system does not use seals so there aren’t any. In fact, in the Dehn translation of Abramelin, on page 144, it is stated, “Seals, superstitious conjurations, signs, pentacles, and other godless atrocities are quite unnecessary.”

However, the Abamelin material doesn’t go into depth on the obscure spirits either because the student is meant to learn by going through the Operation, and obtaining the guidance of the being most people refer to as the Holy Guardian Angel before contacting them.


You can make your own seals by using the Rose Cross Mandala which is where I think a lot of seals are sourced from. You connect the corresponding Hebrew letters that spell the name of the spirit together and that is the Sigil or seal. After that you can add more flair if you want.

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