Finding Lost Items

Greetings friends,

I have a small divination success story to share from this morning.

My partner recently hid her iPod so well before going on holiday that she couldn’t remember where it was. Being the budding divinator I am, I decided to pull out the pendulum spur of the moment, to see if I could help her find it. I asked room by room until I got a 'YES" swing. Then I asked if it was on the bookcase, and one by one by process of elimination went through the shelves. When I asked if it was on the top shelf, the pendulum swung very widely in it’s usual clockwise direction for a ‘YES’ answer.

Within 20 seconds of looking through and above the videos on the top shelf I found it, just out of sight, pushed right to the back. Needless to say, she was very happy and I am now her hero of the day. The whole process took less than 5 minutes. :slight_smile:


when i look for missing stuff, i usually ask questions that narrow down exact location.

like, “is it in my apartment at all”, “is it in this room”, “is it in this half of the room”, “is it in this quarter”

and my success rate is varying. sometimes i nail it, sometimes i fail. but if i’m not in a hurry, i usually get it right.

I have had good luck with finding lost items or giving someone a small area to look in to find there items but as far as getting good results in telling future events not so much.

I wounder if when looking for lost or misplaced items that we could be tapping into the vast Consciousness where all current knowledge is at.

At any rate, the Pendulum is a good tool to work with even with it’s limitations of it’s self or the user. I for one will keep working with it as long as I get results, which is the main goal…


Awhile back I lost something that I was going to use as a component in my shield generator. So I took one of my magic daggers and tried using it as a dowsing rod, it pointed at one of my book cases, but I couldnt find it there. Then later I tried scrying with the grey alien entity I know and he showed me a picture of a book. So later I tried taking out the books in the book case looking in them and it was between the pages of one of them.