Finding an occult mentor/teacher

I have been studying the occult for a few years. I have not gone very far into the spectrum as a guy like Koetting or Necromaster, but I think I would need a mentor to take me deeper into the truth. I need to find a genuine teacher of the arts who actually can do things out of the ordinary. I have been studying through books and videos; meditating and such. Anyone could help me out here? Maybe I can chat with defectron when he comes here.

If you are looking for face to face this is the best I can get you right now, Jason Miller is starting a new cycle of his “Strategic Sorcery” course. Deadline is Feb 2nd. You do get to talk to him but it will all be via email and Facebook.

Maybe EA will do something along these lines after the Mastering Soul Travel Course?

Yeah we can talk about that, I would recommend you try to find someone to teach you hawaiian magic since you live on oahu, thats some powerful stuff.

Orismen doesn’t Vitimus teach privately as well?

What kind of magick are you looking to learn?

You could always join an order like Golden Dawn, OTO, BOTA, Dragon Rouge, Ascending Flame etc. you would learn from at a regimented pace, and build a solid foundation while also (in some cases) being mentored by members of a higher grade level.

Defectron should have his order up soon The OSP (Order of the Shitty Pony)

I believe Vitimus does teach privately, or at least he did at one point. He does make a few references to his students in some of his podcasts. I know he got really busy and had to scale back Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole to a bimonthly show, so he might not have time to take on more students. However I am saving up money to get a reki attunment from him if he ever offers it to the public again. Dude is fucking ligit! tucks in his Andrieh Vitimus fan shirt back in