Finding a Godfather or Godmother if you lose one (Palo)

Nsala Malakum,

I’m initiated as a Yaya in Palo Briyumba. I have lost my Tata, but I do not know everything I need to know. I’m Madrina of the Munanzo. Several of us are in the same position, but I feel it is my responsibility to them to find a solution for all of us. What are the proper protocols in this type of situation? How do I honor my committments I made to the spirits without all the knowledge I need to back it up? Or find a new Tata/Yaya?
I’m sure this is not the first time this ever happened.
Any ideas, suggestions or referrals?

Thank you.

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Malekum Sala!
I’m sorry for your loss, though I am unsure whether your Tata is gone due to being with the dearly departed or if he is gone for other reasons.
I will provide for you the best answer for both circumstances.
If he has perished do your best to contact any of his elders especially your Tatandi but if that’s not possible at least any of his God Brother/Sisters to administer the proper funerary rites. Then ask the said individuals for the proper procedures for you and your Mpangui as mandated by your MunaNso.
If it’s for the latter reason, the foundation of the MunaNso has been severely weakened. In that case as sad as it may be you may have to find a different MunaNso and start your process all over again. Do not abandon any Makuto or Nkisi you have received, when you find a MunaNso you will be instructed what to do with those items. Continue your practices in solitude any way you were previously instructed until then.
Te Acutaré Nzambi! Nsala Malongo!

Nsala Malakum,

Thank you so much for the reply. My Godfather and I had a long talk. He is going to teach me the few things I need to know right now then we wi have classes over zoom. Basically, he’s moving to NYC and I’m moving to Va. I was worried about a few hands-on things I needed to learn, but we worked it out. Thank you again for reaching out. I was a bit distraught the other night when I made that post.
Malakum Nsala
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