Finding a black feather

hey guys! i’m not sure if this is the right category for my question but i found a black feather today in my bathroom. two days ago, i asked for a sign from the divine that everything was working in my favor. i asked for the sign to be clear and within 24 hours. well the next morning i woke up and i had a really positive dream and the same morning something else happened that made me think like okay yes i’m on the right track.

then today is when i found the feather! i looked it up and theres several different interpretations but i saw protection mostly but i saw some things mentioning a spiritual awakening or just magic in general. have any of you experienced finding feathers or specifically a black feather? if so, what do you think it could mean?

i’m pretty positive that it was a good sign for me, considering everything else that i’ve been experiencing but i just wanted to know different thoughts and opinions!

I feel like there a lot of answers, and that could range from one extreme to the other. If I recall correctly certain currents may attribute to what one chooses to believe in this type of encounter.

I’m thinking hoodoo specifically, to name one, but I could mixing the memory with the fact some of their rituals can/do include feathers

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Its actually a positive omen
Nothing to worry

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With a consacrated black feather you can even summon demons, especially the ones who prefer the East. Black feathers are very important and an excellent tool.

Feathers as a symbol or sign have been left for me, a small white feather, another time three white feathers fell in front of me by my door.

Feathers showing presence and in response to a ritual a sign of acceptance, feathers have always represented a connection to spiritual realms, not necessarily protection but you have been heard with your castings, if further signs are rendered it will mean accedence to your castings and they will be carried out in my experience.

The black feather might be a sign from Lucifer, receiving several feathers is a sure sign of success.

I used to find black feathers all the time months ago and I didn’t even pay attention to that, a lot of signs.
When something it’s not destined to happen, it won’t be happen, I guess.

But also was the sign of my neighbors doing spells works just to play the adversary, so meh…

Today, while helping my uncle and grams clean out their basement to set up my mini soap and crafts business, I was putting stuff on the side of their house. 10 charcoal/black feathers and 1 white feather were in random places in a 3ft x 10ft area all pointing in the same direction… funky stuff all around us lol

The meaning depends on the situation IMO. What were you doing/thinking about/feeling prior finding the feather? Though the most common interp for it is that yes, you’ve been heard by the spirit you’re trying to communicate with. And yes, I used to get a LOT more than I was getting now during my spiritual awakening in the past.

IME, got white feathers from archangels and angels as a sign of comfort, guidance and protection. Got black feathers from Goetic spirits as confirmation of their presence, continuing on with the rituals and put my skepticism aside. Yellow feathers, I’ve gotten as to acknowledge a spirit’s presence, accept the help, a sign of promise, etc.

Aside from feathers, you may also want to look out for random coins and pennies popping out of nowhere as another sign to intuitively interpret on your path. :slight_smile: