Find a lover through asmodeus

Use this ritual in cases where you are looking for a sexual partner,
but you do not have a specific person in mind. Do not use this ritual if
you are really looking for a long-term relationship or love, because the probability that they will manifest through this ritual is very small.
Necessary items
• Cedar
• Alcohol
• Rose petals
• Bergamot
• One red candle
• Asmodeus Oil
Create a circle of “Heptameron” in honor of Asmodeus and Venus. Use Ann
Asmodea for the formation of space. In a brown glass container, mix
alcohol, cedar, rose petals and bergamot with two drops of your blood. Put him on the altar. Anoint your penis (if male) or clitoris (if female) with Asmodeus oil and start masturbating, bringing yourself to a climax. For men:
collect the sperm in a clay bowl. It is easier for women to carefully use an unlit candle as a dildo, stimulating the clitoris until climax is reached, and then, using their fingers, smear their sexual liquid over the candle and into the vessel
made of brown glass on the altar. For men: anoint a candle with semen and add some semen to a brown glass vessel on the altar.
Light a candle. Lie naked on your back in a circle, close your eyes and lift your pelvis
Anayat Asmo At, Asmodai, give me the lover I’m looking for.
Repeat this for five minutes. If necessary
, massage again. You can add more sexual liquid to the brown glass vessel.
Once you have successfully released all your sexual desire and are fully-
Stu is satisfied, close the ritual and cover the brown glass vessel with a tight lid, gently shaking it every fifteen minutes until the candle
is completely burned out. This last stage can be carried out over several
Pour a little distilled water into a spray bottle, a little mixture from a brown glass vessel and some favorite perfume or cologne. Use it as a body spray when you go outside. This mixture, impregnated with the essence of Asmodeus, will help to attract your lover to you.


Hail Asmodeus, the hottie of the goetia!


Is the lover random or can you choose characteristics or her way of being?

You can imagine the best of who you would like to see next to you.


you could be one Suggar mommy?

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