Financial Sorcery With an Advanced Planetary Twist

I recently built a working altar/table of practice based around a couple of books I’ve found both helpful and intriguing. I’ve been reading up on Jason Miller’s Financial Sorcery and Advanced Planetary Magick and found a way I’d like to blend the two systems together.

Financial Sorcery is Jason Miller’s work with the planet Jupiter and how to take control of one’s finances, filled with both magic work and plenty of mundane steps to help one succeed. In this book Jason offers up multiple sigils or glyphs with practical purposes such as drawing money, holding onto money, help with legal troubles concerning one’s finances or business as well as entrepreneurial growth and marketing one’s business. Advanced Planetary Magick is Jason’s approach to not only working with Jupiter but the other celestial spheres as well. He includes 49 calls or short invocations or prayers to be recited using the Greek vowels as seeds for the work in the book.

I found these quite intriguing as I own my own small business that I’ve recently started and wanted to see if I could add a little extra growth to my own business using Jason’s book. I generally make about $200 a month on this small business which is fine as I’m just getting started and have almost zero overhead but wanted to see if I could possibly double or at least give a significant increase to the income I draw in from it.

I had the idea to combine these two works together and see what happens. I took the sigils or glyphs of Jupiter from Financial Sorcery and placed them around the outer edge of the altar. I then placed the sigil of Jupiter from Advanced Planetary Magick in the center of the altar.

The idea behind the altar is to use the Calls of Jupiter in conjunction with the different sigils placed around the altar. For example to help find a job I would place a petition with a dressed candle over the Get a Job sigil from Financial Sorcery and use the Corresponding calls in this instance Mercury of Jupiter for better communication, and Venus of Jupiter to win favor over the competition. An offering of incense and alcohol would be placed upon the central sigil of Jupiter to help sweeten ol’ Jove up to the idea of lending his assistance to me.

I plan to use a bit of hoodoo tech with this altar as well, using the specialized oils and incense to help push the intention of the work. Want to market your business? A little “Look Me Over” incense and oil on the candle and petition. The IRS breathing down your neck? “Law Keep Away” certainly can’t hurt. Of curse products like “Money Drawing” or “Prosperity” will be constant themes to the work as well…it IS a money altar.

I have noticed an increase in my business since simply building the altar and dedicating a space for the workings. Immediately following me setting the altar up and saying a short prayer to Jupiter before I could even leave the room I received a notification from my best buddies at PayPal letting me know I’d made a sale. Of course this COULD have been a coincidence but I honestly felt a playful wink from Jupiter, letting me know that if I make time for him he’ll do the same. That wink has become a batting of the eyes as since the construction of the altar I’ve had a boom of business and in two days made what I usually do in two weeks.

I had planned to do work on this altar both for myself and my business as well as others. When we put an idea out to the universe it often answers, this time it was to answer the call of working for others. My fiance was recently let go from her job due to corporate gree…I mean downsizing so I will be putting this altar to work to help her find work as well as create stable growth for my small business as well as protection for my own day job.

I’ll be sure to keep this work updated to provide both a progress report for my own work as well as the work I do on the behalf of others.

Of course if I’ve learned nothing else from Financial Sorcery it was to not rely on spirit to take care of my problems but to put in the mundane work as well. I’ve been much more active in the marketing of my business, both online and off. I’ve been working all the overtime I can get and taking the advice in the book about taking taking control of one’s finances and putting yourself in a position of power over your lifestyle and spending habits.

Link to the blog with pictures of the altar:


Isn’t it funny how often the first little trickles of results can make themselves apparent almost immediately after no more than working out at length how your ritual is going to go down or what your setup will be? It’s like as soon as the commitment is truly made, there’s a “click”, and “time” the way we usually think of it is…bypassed.

Very cool setup here, I love the strategic aspect you bring to these things. Inspiring, hat’s off!

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I’ll be doing a spell to help someone get a bank loan this week, I’ll be using my linked sigil method in conjunction with the Jupiter altar. I’ll share the methods and results once the spell is complete.

Seems ol Jove is smiling upon me a bit. I got accepted into the Lucky Mojo course, had a private chat with Andrieh Vitimus and got invited to visit him at his lab and Jason Miller gave me and my altar a shout out on his blog.

Hail Jove!
Hail Jupiter!

I love the altar, man! I had been thinking of ways to combine the sigils from Financial Sorcery, and the Calls and Seals from Advanced Planetary Magick since I got them months ago, and the way you did this looks amazing.

Had an unforseen potential bill arise. I had to take one of my dogs to the vet today. The vet checked my dog, shook my hand and said “No charge, have a great day”. That could easily have been a bill but instead I both saved money and essentially got a free service.

Jupiter will receive a little extra on his altar today as thanks.

So I checked my store stats as its the new month. I did not double my profits but did make my normal amount with a $98 bonus on top. Given that I started the work close to the end of the month I see this as a success and will continue updates as progress or lack there of is made.

Already made my target for sales this month and the money is still coming in. Not messing with whats working, just continuing with weekly devotional rites using the calls of Jupiter and offerings of incense, and whiskey. If this keeps up I’ll buy Jupiter a nicer bottle whiskey than the Evan Williams he’s been getting or maybe a nice scotch.

No word yet on the linked sigil loan spell I did for someone. I inquired this week but have not received word back yet.

Ok, as of today I’m @ $112 over my target sales ($88 under my optimum goal) with 15 days left to go in the month. I am honestly blown the fuck away right now with how well this is working.

I urge you guys to try this out. If you have a source to manifest the money from try this out. You could make the table on paper if you have to.

Make that $132 over :wink:

^ This is a thread full of awesome, and I have a question: how small do you think it would be realistically possible to make this, and still have it look good and be able to get the details in?

I have an Ikea Billy bookshelf, the shelves are just under 1 foot in depth - using say crafting card and enamel paints or good quality marker pens, would that be ridiculously too small? The bookshelf’s in my “wealth corner” using the ba gua system of feng shui and it would also be a convenient place to have it, but I’m not sure it would work.

Any thoughts?

I included all the sigils for two reasons even though I’ll probably not need them all

  1. Cover my ass in case I do need one later, I didn’t want to put that much work in just to have to use a seperate piece later because lack of foresight.
  2. The opportunity to work on other’s behalf with this system.

You really could just use the primary sigils you would find the most advantageous to your own situation and condense the size of the altar/table and use a piece of poster board or even a plate of that is all you have available.

I like to use as much natural materials as possible as I feel it helps ground the work (something I picked up from Brother Moloch which is so glaringly simple and makes TOTAL sense that I easily overlooked it in the past) so if you’d like to substitute candles I’d use something such as lodestones or just offerings placed on top of sigil for the task desired. This would allow you to use a shelf other than the top if you needed to as well as keep things discreet if that is an issue. A shot glass on a shelf or handful of candy placed on a sigil draws far less attention than lit candles.

Fantastic, thanks! :slight_smile:

Interesting suggestion of using a plate, you can get round “charger plates” to go under your real plate for fancy dinner parties, they’re flat, quite big, and come in gold lacquer and other decorative finishes. I’ve often admired them but I don’t serve that kind of party, anyway I’m going to look into that next time I’m in central London, it might last longer than something made of card.


As of today, I achieved the goal and doubled the monthly income.

Hail Jupiter.

Well Done, TWF! That’s encouraging to hear of your great results!

Thanks man, Im happy about the results but learned some painful lessons along with it. Growth is great but it needs to be confined to not grow too fast. I think doubling is about all I can handle right now with all the other stuff I got going on.

Just an update, Jupiter has come through for me like a fucking boss! I asked my businesses’ monthly income to double and he delivered and then it nearly tripled for the month.

Hail Jupiter!

Probably half of em was me haha.

These last readings though have been crazy. I can’t believe that it’s going to be coming.

(I love your readins by the way) Would you happen to know of any way to clear money blockages or shortages through jupiter per chance?