Financial Sorcery By Jason Miller

I’ve been reading an lot of this book and it’s an brilliant read, has really good stuff on teaching techniques, goes into deep detail and is an good all rounder for anyone just starting this stuff with jupiter



Yes, Jason Miller is one of those authors that knows what he is doing. Most if not all of his books are great.


Hello I have some more questions and concerns

To start with I was thinking about doing an decent summoning and attempt
to do an petition with Jupiter , then I found out about the angels of the days of the weeks , the planets intelligeance, the olympic spirits and then the ruling archangel,

Should I try just to work with just Hismael and praise his work with jupiter, or should I do them in some sort of order after each other ?

I was also born under the Leo sign and I have found that is an unique good position to be in for working with the spirits of the planets,

In any case I just need to know the right way to call out to jupiter as I mentioned above with that various collection of spirits that work around jupiter

Could someone please let me know :slight_smile:

You can work with all of those spirits by building a wealth box, like Miller describes in the book.

You can use Miller’s Jupiter seal and invocation.

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Not so much for all the planets. If you mean that the Sun was in Leo when you were born, then that means the Sun is well dignified, and therefore you already have a good relationship with the spirits of the Sun, but you’d have to look at the rest of the planets and their dignities or afflictions, for working with their respective spirits.