Finally ! lost my virginity but

Fuck no!

You just got laid, you’re going to date the first girl you fucked? No brooo smh


It takes two to tango. If a woman or a man willingly offers the service, soon enough they’re gonna find a willing client. Why be mad at the client when the service was offered? Those escorts actually expect to have clients.

Sure, some may be poor, have addictions, etc., but I’m sure some do enjoy their work. Besides, not everybody is meant to be married and remain committed to one partner only forever more. Not everybody is interested in having their photos on dating/hooking up sites and apps; a lot want total discretion.

Sure, one may try bars and nightclubs for possible hook-ups, but some may just prefer the simplicity of paying an escort; it may be a very occasional thing or something more regular if they have the money.

All in all, I have no problem w/ totally voluntary escortism. Now, there is never any justification for rape! I’m just saying that if there were no sex workers at all (porn stars, strippers, erotic masseuses and masseurs, nude models, web cam girls and guys, phone sex operators), maybe there’d be even more cases of rape and sex assault!

And not everybody has such great looks; escorts may always come handy in such cases.

Now, prostitution/escortism is currently illegal in Canada: legal for the worker, but illegal for the client. It’s basically seeing the escort as some kind of an innocent victim and the client as a bad and evil pervert and predator. Such legislation is actually detrimental and insulting to both the worker and the client. In a secular society (not ruled by religion), it should totally be legal.

The only problem is all those cases where girls/women (and in some cases, boys/men) are sold into prostitution, forced to do it w/ an abusive pimp who takes most of the money, etc. Sex trade is a horrifying thing. That’s specifically what the govt. and authorities should aim to stop.


The lesson you have learnt is that this woman is a human being as are you.

You exchanged money for what you believed was a service and you didn’t expect an emotional cost.

You have learnt compassion.


The first sexual experience often comes with an emotional attachment. Falling in love, whether it’s genuine or not, is very common when losing the virginity. Especially when the experience is positive.

What you’re missing, because you payed for it as a service, is to share the experience in an expressive way with the woman you’ve had sex with. It’s an important aspect to deal with the result of becoming a man. Maybe your very first sexual experience raised a few questions: Did she enjoyed it just as much as I did? Did I do anything wrong? Does she have any constructive tips to give me?

Sex only gets better when there’s an opportunity to discuss it, and the aftermath of the very first time is better dealt with by talking about it.


i dont know if she enjoyed it or not. but when i am leaving she holded ny hand , dragged me back… started crying and asked me not to leave her alone.

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Sex is not overrated. I thought the same the first time, but as I discovered sexuality and its mysteries I assure you it got FAIRLY better.

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Are you still a teenager? Is she older than you?

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That’s probably part of her scheme to manipulate


Yeah she is manipulating you. You probably told her too much about yourself.

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You can do a luck spell or other working for her so her ticket out, if she wants it, is something other than your wallet.

But if you were my son I would do everything I could to convince you to leave this woman alone, because do you want your future life partner, maybe the mother of your children, your own daughters, to be someone whose answer to being a bit short of cash was to go on the game? With a pimp, no less, not in a situation where she has any control really, and you can bet he’s getting freebies.

If she’s saying she’ll only leave hooking when the money’s right, this does not bode well for your future!


I remember e.a. saying thar money for sex feeds into a current that eventually takes away your ability to win over a steady girlfriend because the feeling of “hunting the game” is taken away.

I don’t know if it’s true for myself because I haven’t had a human girlfriend in 9 years.

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6 months older

i dont think she is manipulating me… but idk… she might be

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she said that she will stop hooking when she will get a "job " which is probably after 6 months.

and more over she does this thing for 2-3 days only after a gap of evert 3 months or more.

I am not planning to marry her or anything…its just some strange emotional feelings



Just do one thing,
Do some magick rituals to help her get a steady job that she will love to do. Thats it!
Dont see her again :wink:


What ElectricDragon said and many of the other posters: Bad deal. Sure, you’ve become infatuated like everybody else would especially if you’ve had your first with her. But she is a single mother and you will never be above her child, which means the moment it goes south, she’s jumping ship. I can tell you this by my ample experience as a lawyer in family matters.

Of course there are some very good women who have done terrible life choices and you shouldn’t be too harsh on them, that prostitutes are human beings too that deserve respect and kindness like everybody else; it’s just that there many odds stacked against you. It’s like me saying I should go mine sweeping with a metal detector, sure I got some good chance of not fucking it up, but the price of failure outweighs the risk.

Please, if you really feel kind about it, do some ritual for her to help her. I am sure Goetic spirit SITRI would do wonders given that he makes people find love. I’m sure SITRI has a heart for whores (no offense intended) down on their luck. Lilith could too if you have a good relationship with her but she is more of a initiatory spirit, she’d rather have your escort friend approach her with the mixture of fear and will to learn than you doing it in her stead.

And no, this is no optimal partner for you, a child takes great responsibility and expediture of money to just chip in. It will put a whole in your pocket and your soul. Also look up divorce laws and alimony in your state to give you a rough idea. Though I am not based in the US of A, in some cases partners who show too much interest in the kid might get slapped with alimony until the hellspawn grows enough to hate you unconditionally despite your support.

Please man, you’ve just began your ascent in magick, you cannot tie that to no one. Before you can help anyone you must be in the position to do so, don’t become a martyr, only a god can. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot so early.


I’m going to give you a little advice from a woman’s perspective: there are women out there that will take and expect things, from strangers no less. And really that’s what you are, a stranger to her. And there are women who work and take responsibility for themselves and others. I’ve never asked anyone for anything, not once. I don’t even k ow how to accept a gift because I do all that. I’ll say it’s probably unhealthy, but it’s better to be tied into my kind then someone who reaches out like that to you, a stranger and offers up her life and tears. You could be getting hustled BIG TIME, could end up dead from her pimp, and even if that’s not the case, she’s looking for a golden ticket and you look pretty shiny. Find someone who meets you halfway and stimulates your mind and matches your efforts on all counts.


Btw, if you have sex with her again…be sure to vacuum suck out any stray sperm of yours that happens to land in her clit. If it were me, I’d be treating her hole like a crime scene after each sexual encounter…ie. no one else would be allowed in until I’ve finished conducting my search

Carry a flashlight and a pipette


I presume you told this woman that this was your first time etc.

I don’t know what her situation is, if she is working for herself, husband, pimp etc or what the cultural implications are for you.

You can not become her saviour; she may be real or she may be playing you.

You are too young.

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