Finally ! lost my virginity but

With the beginiing of 2018 i had a clear goal of getting laid. so i started working with many spirits and asked them " get me laid " .
This was a very vague instruction with no specific person in mind.

Some days later , out of blue one of my friend says that his one friend who knows escort is back in town and asked me if i wanted to get laid.

i couldn’t miss this opportunity. and agreed to this.

Now without giving too much details… I started feeling emotionally connected to the girl… i couldn’t stop thinking about her.

So i again went to the pimp and booked the same girl …JUST TO HAVE conversation with her.

she also became so much interested in me that she gave me her mobile no. , her real facebook id and her complete story that why is doing all this to pay her child’s school fee.

i felt so bad hearing all this so i gave her some more money.

So my question is what do u guys think of dating an escort ? she is saying that she is going to give an exam for a job and if she clears it she would leave prostitution


Oooh honey…


I wouldn’t do it personally. I guarantee you that if you got a steady girlfriend you wouldn’t think of the hooker a second time.

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I wouldn’t feel right about paying someone like that but hey that’s me.

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Would you Marry a Porn star?

If the answer is no, then it’s not for you.

If the answer is yes, then to each it own.


Pay for play is good for some guys, not you though.

Clearly you’re catching feelings and that’s not what you need to be doing.

You’re not improving your social skills or game.
If you had game/magick skills to get laid but make enough money that it’s cheaper option then it’ll be okay, but it’s clear that you don’t.

It’s good for guys that are really shy and virgins that make sex a bigger deal than it is just to get the virginity out the way but that’s it.

Don’t make this a habit or catch feelings.


Just to clarify. Escorts are for guys that are horny.
You are lonely. Find companionship.


yea… but my first aim was to get laid…

I can now say that sex is so over rated … :confused: i cant beleive i wasted so much time on doing lust spells for this


It’s not that sex is overrated it’s more about that hunter gatherer mentality when you go out and pick up a girl you feel that you earned it. The joy of the chase and the unpredictability of it is part of the enjoyment and excitement of it.
Sure regular rejection sucks but you can shift the odds in your favour with spells and pick up skills.



Don’t worry to much. Many guys try this ones. I’m always honest (sometimes to honest) I did so to. The first time there was a connection, so it was great. So I went for a second time, other girl because that first time was so great. Well the second girl was a beauty but there was no connection at all. There it stopped.

Now I know the background better I don’t like pimps and what they stand for. I hope they get back what they bring to these girls.

Just a tip get over it and don’t focus to much on this. Work on yourself. Nice clothes, take care of yourself, nice aftershave (not saying you don’t do that, just giving some tips). Don’t be insecure. When you stop focusing then it will happen naturally. It can take a long time but It will happen.

Take care


Don’t do it, unless you enjoy being a cuck. You know, because she’ll be getting railed by someone else behind your back.

Even if she quits her job, it won’t really change. Once a whore, always a whore. Hell, even science has shown that the more a woman sex partners she has in her lifetime, the less likely she’ll be able stay in a committed, monogamous relationship.

Find a quality girl with whom you’ll have a genuine connection, instead of someone who’ll back stab you because “muh urges.”


very good… nice reply :slight_smile:

i am never gonna again go to any escort… i was a virgin and wanted to experience it thats why i went.

Thanks for the tips :wink:


agree with you.

i just feel sad for her condition.

but what u said is absolutely correct !


It’s understandable, you’re a human being.

But, never, ever try to be a hero and try to “fix” someone who is ‘broken.’

It almost always ends in a disaster, and the one who gets the short end of the stick is always the “hero.” (an example would be a woman trying to “fix” a badboy, or a normal dude trying to turn a whore into a wife).

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My mom worked as an escort at various times through my life in order to make ends meet. As a result, I have humanized excorts, and strippers as well, to ever want to take advantage of women or men like that.

Whenever I hear about other people utilizing the services of an escort, a part of me flares up in anger.


Not worthy of my words.

what ?