Finally asking for help?

Okay! For about 3-4 weeks ive been trying money magik… I’ve opened sigils that are supposed to bring money into your life, called on certain deities and entities such as lukorst to help bring me cash. Nothing has really worked from my point of view and im really not a person who likes to slave to earn a living(No Jobs). What im asking is does anyone have a method i can do myself or anyone i can work with that will help me with this?

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And Im not lazy it’s just im so into working on myself physically and spiritually i don’t have time anymore to waste at a job where it feels like literal hell.

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Seriously… without working there will be no money. Stay out of stealing, it won’t help you ascend. For example: I own 3 different software-companies and with magick you can increase your wealth. But listen: also some sort of stealing contains work. Making money is never easy, but it’s possible when you have the right mindset. I also made money before I went here, I was also interested in making much more through magick, but forget stealing / transportation.


The problem is, when you lack means of money producing methods it is not easily come by. I bet pennies have been all around you, but you’re not considering it enough. Deamons can only do so much.

It’s got to come from somewhere, there are ways for money to produce itself for you, but you must become financially literate first.


They expect you to put in some work as well. If you hate working then go for something part time. I’d look for part time jobs that have something you’re passionate about- maybe tutoring kids or animals.

I’m not saying they can’t make something from nothing but that’s the easy way out and if the money hasn’t came in yet then maybe it’s a sign that they want more effort from you before they work their stuff.


Okay, some thoughts here. And I am not criticizing, I am trying to peel some layers back regarding psychology and money.

You are on to something about not having a job you hate. Having a 9-5 is flat out one of the easiest ways to earn money, but one of the worst ways to build wealth. Even people that earn good money at their 9-5 usually invest what they earn into other financial arenas outside of what they do for a living.


There is a huge difference between earning money and making money. So if you are not aiming to work at a job, what are you doing to make money? More importantly, do you understand enough of what money is to attract it? hint - it is a unit of measurement used to quantify influence

Now you could find or inherit money while not working, but you will have to walk to the store, or pick up the phone, or dig through your couch for change, etc. You could also start an entrepreneurial venture, but that is actually more work than a day job most of the time. Gurus who tell you about some crazy lifestyle of relaxation after becoming entrepreneurs are full of shit unless they mean it in the context of post-retirement.

Next we need to examine what work actually is: Work = force x distance. In other words, work is defined as the expenditure of energy used to perform any given action. Even if you are sitting rock still reading this, your heart beats and your diaphragm expands/contracts to breath and your brain is burning sugar to process all of it. You are always working. The only things that do no work in this physicality are dead things and inanimate objects. So you need to get that idea of not working out of your head right now if you ever want to see your magick work, or anything else in life for that matter.

But there is nothing wrong with doing the least amount of work to get the greatest effect, in other words the 80-20 rule. I work like a lunatic for about four hours a day, and spend the rest of the time playing with my kid, going to the gym, in meditation, smoking copious amounts of ganja, etc. The reason I can do this is because I have optimized my own actions enough to where I can get what is days worth of productivity for most people out of four hours and it leaves me free to play. This also leaves me lots of time to work on spiritual development…which compounds the boon everything else. But it took a shitload of work and several years to do this, and I could still always be doing more!

So now to troubleshoot why your money spells are not working. My guess is that you are not taking the appropriate action. So this means you either need to change the action you take to support your ritual work, or you are passing over opportunity as it presents itself.

In terms of methodology: work with Jupiter, but be prepared to put some effort into it, and be open to the concept of giving as well as receiving. I don’t mean charity or gifts, I mean benevolent grace.

Chaos magick works well for bringing money when used to advance personal projects, too.


Thank you :slight_smile:️ and i wasn’t referring to work in that sense because i take my spiritual workings very seriously and i have a bigger goal it’s just im tired of working these small jobs and being treated like poo everytime.

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But i plan on looking into it more that you’ve said what you did. I appreciate it a lot!

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If you live in America, you can apply at Securitas Security. The security jobs are ‘‘observe and report’’. I get paid to type on this website and other sites, all while at work.
Not to say all areas will let you sit around most of the time. That is just my location. But the job is not strenuous And safe, at least where I am at.
They have like 240, 000 employees part time and full time, nationwide.

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This is the company link. It is legitimate.

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okay thank you i’ll take a look.

You could specialize in something. Follow some education and than earn a good wage. With this you can attract more money with a money working.

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When I make a request for help in the financial area- i step outside and i dont question what is set in front of me, i have been worried about how to buy groceries and have set out and found something on the side of the road for free turned around and sold it on an app. In my experience y out have to work on it and prove yourself worthy of their help. Belial is helping me and now giving me the voice to fight for mine.


Money is the middle man so to speak. You exchange money for a desire. What will you do with the money? Will you exchange it for a better car, clothes, food or do you just want neat piles of money on your table??
If you want piles of money keep at it, if you keep seeing certain numbers pop up focus on a small variation of those numbers. If your regular income stream feels restricted ask yourself what can you do to make the desired amount? Trust your higherself/whatever you want to call it.
If your after a car, house, food etc. focus on the exact thing you want not how you think you should obtain it. Heck, a loved one might win a huge hamper but doesnt like half the products…theres your food sorted, or a car!?

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Forget about the rituals and they will manifest


Exactly when things fall into place i often start thanking all the demons…

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Nitika and Bune are good with bringing in money. Some have good experiences with Clauneck. Create a thoughtform/servitor. There are many threads to search to get more info.

Just be patient and continue to work hard. Be aware of the opportunities around you. And everything @Woodsman81 said. Yeah…


Yes i called on bune yesterday using her enn. I also did some visualization of money surrounding me and becoming a magnet of sorts

I get that, but what action are you taking to get out of this rut? A person will usually not land a better job without adding value to their self. The course of action I spoke of above still holds true.

Magick is not a cure all, and will almost always fail unless some action is taken by the magickian.


I’ve heard that some of the best and most successful Money Magic out there is Damon Brand stuff ie magickal cashbook etc from gallery of magic.


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