Film thread (conversational)

We have lots of cool threads here, why not make another one?

Everyone has seen a movie featuring occultism, witchcraft, satanism etc. at some point, right? Here we can shear our toughs on them. Did something make you mad or feel offended? Were we represented accurately for once? Maybe the film was just fun to watch thanks to how hilariously wrong they were? Let others know what to watch and what to maybe let sitting on the shelf.

Please don’t just post a name of a movie with no context. This is meant to be conversation on some state. Briefly describe the film, and tell how you liked it and why. Posters would be nice too.

Have fun!


Well ive seen a lot of films at watch a lot of stuff in general, when im not being a menace to society im probably in the corner crying over some love film.

Supernatural seem pretty good, not a lot of proper info, its like they didnt bother to do any research but its still great and i reminds me of my mother.

And speaking of mother i grew up watching Sailor Moon and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, things she grew up on.

There was a lot of movies as well, but mostly horror.

And dont even get me started with Anime.


Constantine got some things right. Not many, but some.


Is there any that feature the Brides of Samael/Queens Of Hell? If not one needs to be made, I’m sure they’ll outshine the brides of dracula haha


Simon, King of the Witches had a lot of great references to Franz Bardon and his work.

Even the way the characters dressed during their rituals told you who was harnessing the electric fluid and who was harnessing the magnetic fluid.

More importantly, it shows how one can be very, very adept in their craft and still not have their life together. The main character falls for scams he should have seen a mile away, but was ignorant of because he had an unbalanced life and stuck mainly to magic books and rituals.

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Satan looks like Baphomet in The Devil Rides Out, shame, he only appears for like 5 seconds in the whole movie


Don’t forget all the campy Vincent Price horror films or the classic Hammer Studio films. I also really like the Brazilian “Coffin Joe” films.

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