Figuring out things....maybe test?

Everything was going grate! I was getting better at my evocations and rituals. I even had a amazing dream that I honestly wish I could go back into. Then…two days ago happened.
I was just laying in my bed, studying the complete works when out of nowhere I heard a voice well more like talking through my mind, telling me to stop talking to demons. I ignored it but I kept feeling the presence of a or multiple angels. I kinda got annoyed and told them, in a calm voice, why I have chosen my path as the LHP. I felt them then just stood, ok more like hover there. I said no more and kept on reading. Yesterday again I was reading and studying but this time the chapter of Darker workings. I was on the second page, humming happily at this really nice story like part of the chapter when all the sudden a intrusive voice just basically gave me the equivalent of a book in face saying “Read the holy bible!”. Funny thing is I looked down and saw the word holy bible in the paragraph. I honestly got mad. Here I was just trying to enjoy my day, reading, and here I was being verbally thrown holy books at. I couldn’t take any more. So I closed my book and went out.
So any idea what the hell all that could be about? I’m seriously am still annoyed at all that. I felt it could be a test to see how solid I am on going down this path, but same time I can’t help but to feel that I’m being forced to not go down it when all it has done thus far is making me into a better person.

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