Fight Club for old and new

It seems that there is angst here from time to time, people want to flex muscle, measure appendages, and try to one up others in their face or in the shadows.

People have suggested it, or even tried it and been banned, but in terms of self defense, you have to learn to defend yourself and step into the ring to have the group attack you and fend them off successfully .

So how is it different than magick?
Griffin and crew either had or are having in their opinion a good vs evil war on the astral.

So …
Fight Club came to mind. Not allout anarchy and the wild west, but a contained, controlled group project to test attack and defense (without actually killing each other).

Would it be a successful group project, a joke, or a bad idea?


Feels like a bad idea. I don’t think we need that on this forum. Someone is going to get hot headed and hot headedness +. Bane is a bad combination. Just like in a backyard fun and games match someone gets their nose broken and looses it on the other.


Yeah, sorry, too much headache and potential for moaning to me when it all goes wrong…

If people form bonds of real trust and friendship naturally, talking via PM and whatever, and want to spar between themselves, that’s none of my business, but anything formed on a public basis is just asking for problems.