Fiancé possessed by wandering spirit

I’m new to this site, but I’m having a large issue in my relationship right now. My girlfriend has been the victim of countless efforts of sexual abuse since she was very young. Though it is well known that a persons personality will change after abuse, she has black out anger and assumes a completely different personality, even going so far as to try to hurt me and her eyes turning black. I think that when she was younger, at one point she was crying out for help and a spirit came in to save her and give her a stronger personality. Although it worked, she doesn’t need the spirit anymore, and it and I have constant battles. When her eyes turn black she tries to get me to break up with her so that she can go destroy her life and others, which is completely opposite of the sweet girl that I proposed to. I suppose my question is, if this is a wandering spirit that doesn’t want to leave its home and responsibilities, how would I go about exercising it. Please help. I genuinely trust and respect your work.


She needs to balance herself again. Is she part of the magickal community? Or not? As the techniques you use will vary differently as one is more phychological and one more magickal?

If you prefer to talk privately PM me.

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Just chiming in here without any advice except, please keep us posted and add more details when you can.

Make sure to bless her with your love when you have a few private moments by yourself. Blessing is not a bad thing from Christianity … blessing is transference of healing energies. So bless the hell out of her … just not to her face. Do it in private by yourself.

Hopefully kiss-lamia-lilith can help you sort things out.

Not many people will be offering any exorcism style advice until we know more.

My primary gift is empathy. I’ve done many blessings and magic that have worked on her. In fact, I’ve used the spirits around our house to purge her mind in her sleep. Replacing resentment towards her enemies with acceptance. The candle I used for it is only half burned. The intensity to which it worked was staggering. The symbols I inscribed on the candle did not come from me. I don’t even recognize them, but they do work. Something guided my hand as I carved. The reason I believe it’s something bigger is because I’ve taken as many small steps as I know how. Please believe me when I say call my girlfriend is no cunt. She is the only one who knows how to bring me from psychosis and suicidality. When this thing takes hold, she has no recollection. She’ll as why thing are arranged they are in the room and I’ll remind her of the events that day. There have been many times that she has cried hearing the things that she has committed while in that state. I cannot say this more than an there have been many times that she has cried hearing the things that she has committed while in that state. I cannot say this enough: she’s not a bitch, she needs help from something that holds different eyes than she does.


I went through the same god damn thing. A demon possessed girl (yes a real demon, the being known as the collector or slender man in the modern age to be exact.) When I first saw the mass of black inside of her, I thought that she actually had cancer, but boy was I wrong. Anyway, it got into my life and caused all kinds of mayham, initially I had a friend who is a native american healer get rid of it, but it came back! then eventually we (me and my people) got rid of it and are now just dealing with the crazy human. It sounds like my case was worse than yours. So that’s good at least.

Damn thing manipulated events that almost got me killed.

Here’s the thing, and this is what was told to me, your girlfriend has to become whole. The girl that I had to deal with had a split soul, so when she was suffering the abuse, half of her soul left and never came back, making herself susceptible to Earthbound spirits, humans who didn’t go to the light, Demons, druids or whatever the hell else wants to attach to her. The worse and/or more self destructive she gets, the more the entity or spirit can ingrain itself into her.

I’ve even known human spirits who have completely taken over people who didn’t want to be here anymore, and although that’s a different story altogether it doesn’t mean your girlfriend wants to kill herself which is why I brought it up, it means that she has a split or fractured soul.

There are lots of ways to fix this. Spiritual regiments, reiki, meditation, taking up yoga, hell, even becoming a Christian or joining one of the new atheist religions (and truly becoming happy) can make her whole.

Damn… I’m loving this forum… lol And here I thought I was the only one this shit happens too.


Oh my god. Thank you so much. You have no idea what that meant. Thank you, with everything in me. We’ll apply it.

Just remember, in the end, SHE has to decide to get better and want to make herself happy.

Now, it might now want to go initially. If it resist, PM me and I’ll remove it for you guys free of charge and add a protection, but again, the catch is, your girlfriend MUST decide that she has no need for it. That choice is hers.


Thank you again. I’ll let you know if we need help. This all means the world.

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