Does anyone know any magic to induce fertility?

I could probably come up with something.

Working with fertility gods and goddesses could help


This is some of the oldest magick out there, even Christianity has a large number of shrines that are linked to fertility and granting pregnancy, the temples of Hathor in Egypt have ancient baby clothes sewn with prayers to grant a successful pregnancy, so you’re not going to run short of things. :thumbsup:

If you search “fertility goddess” and the name of a y pantheon that appeals to you, you’ll find their names for working with evocation and as sponsors for spells, and “fertility spell” plus the name of that goddess should yield many examples, both old and new.


Ehemmmmm. Lol. Yeah, I’ve been doing that at least twice day, sometimes 4 times a day. My other half has been experiencing some issues. Will be looking into fertility goddesses.

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That’s not what I meant… I’m a chaote who comes up with successful workings all the time.

Lol! OK!

Thank you! Would you use herbs?

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I don’t usually use herbs for things. I honestly can’t say how I would do it… I mean I know how I would, I just can’t figure out how to put it into words.

I’m an intuitive/instinctual practitioner to a degree, where my workings are surprisingly potent without much effort used or ritual objects involved. I also do a lot of direct magick stuff.


I can help point you to the right direction for herbs, what do you want to use them for ? And as for fertility goddesses there are so many of them out there.

Find one and introduce her to your wife, fertility goddesses have their own natural way of interacting with feminine energies.

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this is something I have a personal interest in, I would love to have a sprog (i’d love it even more if my country wasn’t doomed)

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