Feri American Traditional Witchcraft

I stumbled across this by pure coincidence.


Summary of the tradition;

The Feri Tradition (named “by accident”) is a witchcraft tradition that blends American cultural and New Age magic (Vodou, Hoodoo, Santaría, Huna, and others), Kabbalah, Greek and Christian Gnosticism, Yezidism, Tantra, Gardenerian Wicca and Celtic lore. It was founded by blind poet and shaman Victor Anderson and his Christian wife Cora. Even though it draws from RHP inspirations and theology, it is functionally LHP.


The magic ranges from simplistic to incredibly complex. It has a focus on ecstasy and sexuality. All of the gods are gods of sexual ecstasy. It is non-dogmatic and energy-based.


Feri has a very specific pantheon. Most notable is the Star Goddess, who is said to have created the universe after seeing herself in the mirror of space and making love to herself. She is not only female, also male and androgynous. She has several specific names and titles (one of them vaguely sounding like “Sekhmet”…Sugmaat. A common name for her is also “God Herself”, showing the particularly Christian influence.)

The Star Goddess gave birth to twins, who gave rise to Dain y Glas, or the Blue God, or Melek Taus, by joining together again. The Blue God matures as the Horned God, then Anddu, and then goes back to the Goddess. Each also have a female counterpart; Nimue the Maiden, Mari the Mother and Ana the Crone. (Mari is also Tiamat and Ana is also Lilith or Hekate). In other words; there is duality and trinity, and all comes from one, who is also nothing.

There are also elemental gaurdians and ancestor reverence.


Feri seems to be a very serious tradition. The fact that it is focused on ectasy and sex alone makes it intense. Traditionally a teacher has to initiate you, but on the website there is a self-dedication rite you can use after mastering some Feri rituals.

What do you guys make of this? I actually see some similarities to other paths that have otherwise no connection here here, including;

Draconian path (duality, primal force goddess, sex magic. Not to mention some of the gods have the same or similar names to Dragon gods.)
Chaos theory (paradox and duality from nothing)
Daoism (again, duality, and energy)

Overall, a pretty amazing example of eclecticism.


Thanks. I’ll look around, seems interesting.

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I was about to walk this path at one point.

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Out of curiosity why did you decide not to focus on the path?

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Things came up.

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Yeah similar to Minoan Brotherhood Gay/Bi / Feri was popular in the late 80’s early 90’s there are only taster bits and pieces online. There actual stuff is given to you once intiated. Difficult if your not american since there U.S.A orders.

I think on the Feri website there’s a person who offers training in the UK but I kinda feel the same way about European Trad Craft. Hard to get into if you don’t have the means (thank the gods we have books!).

I haven’t heard of the Minonian Brotherhood before. I guess it’s not surprising that there are LGBT-specific magic orders, especially in the Wiccan and Pagan communities.