Feminine symbols in sigils

I’ve noticed parts of some of your sigils look very vulva-like, such as the ones in the Angels of Prostitution working. Does this relate to an aspect of your personal path?

This is related to the nature of the current. The whole Tree of Qliphoth can be viewed as feminine (Sitra Ahra = “whore”, “harlot”), the Dragon is often referred to as a feminine force (Tiamat), the whole astral plane through which all magic of the current works can be seen as the womb of the Dark Goddess (Lilith), the Kundalini force which is the vehicle of initiation is the force of Shakti, the “ascending flame” can be seen as equivalent to Shekinah – in whatever way we look at it, the feminine current is always dominant in this work. The symbolism in the sigils naturally reflects all these aspects.


this is interesting and fascinating.