Feminine demons/deities/angels(?)/spirits to work with

hi, i see that i often have experiences with masculine spirits but i just have one with a feminine (she’s a familiar)
so i’d like very much if you guys who work with feminine spirits to recommend some

I think it will depend on your purpose. There are feminine spirits for everything there is a male spirit for if you go looking.

There are war goddesses, and death goddesses, and love goddesses, and lust goddesses, and everything in between.

If you are looking for an all around feminine spirit, maybe a goddess from your favourite pantheon would be best.


^ Hathor just above covers all of those - in her aspect as Sekhmet for the warfare, but the rest are all within her reach, and more. :smiley:


well i often look for a spirit to ascent
like i do work with lucifer in my love life, in my study life, about my feelings, thoughts, attitudes and all
so i’m not looking for a unique or specific purpose

A goddess like Hathor, as Eva suggested, can do that. She’s pretty well rounded.

Or you could approach Lilith. There are quite a few members here who are working with Her for their Ascent.


about lilith
i think she’s extremely interesting and i don’t doubt about her efficacy
but i feel like she might be very dangerous for the ones who are not completely ready for her way to change things in their lives

She can be dangerous, but as @succupedia says, Lilith can temper herself and give you only what you can handle. She will, however, test you to find that limit.

She was very joyous and playful when I called upon her.

You can always call her and talk to her about it. I found her quite approachable.


I’ve been feeling the presence of Lady Lilith since I’ve started to work with her since 3 months ago. A very powerful Goddess that embraces you if you do the right things. You could try to work with her. The prize is truly special…

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If you are at a crossroad of some sort and want profound change in your life, where you cut many ties and move on from there, I would suggest Hekate.

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very cool!

HeKate is a good choice and she was the first goddess I ever worked with. I have very good experiences with her.


She is also the first, and so far only goddess (or god), that I have worked with. I am a novice, when it comes to that, but she slowly but surely made herself present in my life. She helps, often in a deeply surprising way.



The OP hasn’t posted in nearly 2 years so they may not respond.

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Lol, I’ve done this before as well. Ill post and realize the original thread is years old.