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Hey guys. Most of you who post on this topic are probably aware of Bokor Leonard Elmera and his belligerently racist rhetoric. Well, I found this Youtuber a while ago who is pretty much his female mirror image: Hathor Akunaten. She has this video regarding white people who practice Vodou, and that they have no right to practice it because the “white-folk mentality” in them only seeks the power of the path and seeks to take credit for originating the system. And then she repeatedly makes the claim that the reason America, freemasonry, secret societies, and an assortment of other things are where they are today because of Vodou. What’s funny is that she says in the beginning of the video that Vodou is about love, unity, and respect (I’m missing some other traits that she mentions), yet she embodies absolutely none of these qualities because of her monologue. Here’s the video for you to draw your own conclusions.


Wow that name… :heart_eyes_cat:

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I didnt get too far into the video yet, but I just need to say this off the cuff, she began talking about the breeding of the mulatto “noble” class, then began to say a persons skin color has no inflection on who they really are and then jumps all over “white” people. She is a hypocrite, and though she might have some what of a clue in some areas she is uniformed in others, I can tell by watching the first two minutes.
This is exactly why I have chosen to come here. I see an onslaught of trolls and people shaming EA and those who are into his school of thought.
I have respect for all people and just want to be apart of a benificial exchange of information, I won’t give you false hope as a legitimate Priest of two ATRs as it is part of my duty to protect these traditions and make sure that when they get passed down from student to student it remains in tact. The Irish and the Chinese where a big part of the slave trade in the 1500 to 1600 era, Palo Mayombe is one of the first traditions that was African in origin and birthed on the shores of the new world. As Important as the Zulu and the Lemba are to Palo and Voodoo so were the Irish, Chinese, and Arawak ancestors.
These mystery traditions where birthed out of survival. Racism is just a tool of division used by oppressors, those who fall into its trap are just as much of tools for their oppressors.
Im not here to shame, recruit, or troll.
I am here to educate, guide, and I also have a strange sense of humor that might make folks scratch their head and wonder if im real or a troll, well here is your answer, I am the real deal.


What I see is a delusional woman who is wasting so much of her energy on a false enemy. I think if she grounded herself and could see through clear eyes, she could better apply that energy to the real enemies.


There are so many people of her ilk on YouTube. I’ve heard it all. “White people and black people are genetically predisposed to be enemies”, “White people are inferior to melanated people”, “White people are genetically predisposed to evil”, etc. It’s ignorance at its best and honestly, any people who are this ignorant probably are lacking power.


I’d like to agree because it’s nice to think that way, however throughout history, early pre-agricultural tribes tend to have names for their tribe that mean The People, implying lesser personhood to other groups, although certainly not denying it altogether; the ancient civilisations seem to have thrived on a notion of innate superiority, whether conferred genetically to kin, or through cultural assimilation (Rome, Egypt).

This seems to be the basic way people think, and while I believe the spirits are their own best gatekeepers, it doesn’t seem to diminish anyone’s power, now or in the past.

The Egyptian King believing himself to possess the inherited blood of the gods was doing that as a way to stake out a claim to spiritual power and authority, for ritual purposes as well as political; I doubt he’d have acquired more if he’d said “Oh but yeah I’m also the brother of my Nubian slave over there, one world one people brah!” :laughing:

It could be considered a form of subjective synthesis - the PGM shows that climbing oneself “up the ladder” so to speak, to the state of identifying onself with and then as the god being called upon, is an ancient practice (also linked to ritual use of masks, which may be something dating back to caveman times).

Likewise semi-deifying one’s ancestors or claiming ultimate divine parentage was pretty normal in the past, although it doesn’t suit the ethical model of 2018. :man_shrugging:


I’ve got to respectfully disagree. I’m not an SJW by any means but I am a student of anthropology and one thing I’ve learned is that almost all cultures have influenced each other, even the more remote cultures. The ties between Vedic spirituality and Native Norse religion is an example. Most of the superior attitudes came from a sense of nationalism as each of these aforementioned belief systems (Egyptian, Roman, Greek, etc.) had state sponsored cults of imperial or pharaonic worship. I’m not saying these modern day “We Wuz Kangs” ignoramuses don’t have power. Maybe I phrased that incorrectly. What I’m saying is that if they were to broaden their study beyond an Afro-Centric point of view, they might learn a thing or two. And hell, the west, where most of us as well as these YouTubers live, is multicultural whether you like it or not. The same goes for the goose stepping, Nazi LARPing, white supremacists who use Asatru as a tool to advance their daft political ideologies.


As long as people have to struggle to survive whether our struggles be the struggles of humanity or the struggles of nature there will be “my people” in the underbelly of it all deifying our ancestors we have been doing for so long and for us it goes beyond religion, beyond society, beyond comprehension and with that sort of inertia will not stop.


There are migration routes that linked these groups and which provided for a common root, though. The pivotal symbol of the horse and chariot in both traditions may be significant here.

And both traditions included a caste system which, all other things aside, provided intense preparatory immersion for the groups within society tasked with magick, and leadership.

Being raised to think you are a King, or Priest, or whatever, is a powerful way of creating people fitted to that role, and that it doesn’t suit our 2018 notions of individuality and atomised selves won’t change that.

Also, there’s a reason a lot of Norse and even hermetic syncretistic magick has to draw on past materials of a primarily academic nature, in nations given the cultural-genocide treatment by the spread of Christianity.

People of African descent in Haiti didn’t receive the same comprehensive & centuries-long disconnection and demonisation of their ancestral faiths and practices that Europeans did, which is why there are still living traditions within the ADRs and unbroken initatory chains, the kinds of things that people studying Norse religion can (spirit contact aside) only reconstruct from books.

Ah, that was primarily the part I was disputing. A person could probably increase their power with the addition of any sincerely believed concept that helps them drop doubt and the feeling of being a powerless thing bobbing haplessly in an ocean of other things, that the modern world works so hard to promote as the norm.

I agree.

The one thing that seems to turn people most violently against each other is forced competition for the same resources, which leads me to believe personally, and without hate for any group nor disrespect for their right to self-determine, that multi-culturalism is an experiment that has failed.

You can have the multi if you strip away the culture; or, you can keep the culture, and watch people from a multitude of different backgrounds clash over irreconcilable differences in belief, aspirations, and values.

This is happening all over Europe right now with Islam but, going back to the first paragraph above, far less so with Hindu Indian immigrants, which should be an object lesson in itself.

That the secular 20th century post-Christian west has, for the most part, adopted concepts like karma and reincarnation, and is not “intolerant” of polytheism, whether perceived as masks of one God or not, shows that cultural clashes are absolutely in proportion to the scale of differences between the cultures.

Of course we can strive to be “above” nature, to become “evolved” isolate individualists who scorn tribal or genetic allegiance, and accept our beliefs exist in an indeterminate state in which everyone else’s are absolutely as valid, but it’s telling that all the forces that have ever tried to strip us of our identity, our links to our ancestors, and be we black or white, past or present, were doing so in order to create passive and dis-spirited slaves. :thinking:

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Wow it sucks that she’s so racist because she’s beautiful. She’s an idiot though. She was talking shit about Voodoo being stronger then IFA. I just laughed to myself because IFA hands down is the best most accurate divination on the planner in my opinion. But anyway Its obvious she got burned by a white person. I understand what she means about the White person mentality. Because we’re very focused and goal oriented.

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I’m sorry what I was talking about was from a video that she made last year about IFA. At the end of the video she says that she’s not racist. I don’t think she is. I understand her point about the loas being represented by black people instead of white people. I don’t think she’s 100 percent right about that though. My Mother in Palo is Mama Chola. Palo is as Black as Black gets it’s from the Kongo. Mama chola came to me in a dream and she was a white Portugese lady. I was surprised. I don’t do love spells on specific people because it’s limited. Plus I don’t really need a lot of help in that department. But when I do stuff with her she brings light skinned girls with black features. The girl I’m dating now is Dominican and Portuguese. She’s Beautiful. I did a spell with Mama Chola and met her that night. Before all u guys start jumping on this asking to work with her. If your not iniated in Palo Mayombe you can’t work with her.