Feeling your divinity?

Hi I have a neophyte question in regards to invocation/evocation what is meant by ‘feeling your divinity’ during the ritual? What exactly is it that I should be feeling?


:zap: Omnipotence! :zap:



A god/goddesa ruler of the universe the object of worship
And with that comes to Embracing your power, knowing that nothing is impossible to you ,Connect with Nature, meditation
Accepting your self emotionally/mentally/sexually that’s just 10% of it all


Feeling your divinity means being confident in the knowledge that you control your own life and absolutely no one else may control your life for you.


Have you ever achieved a personal best in any field of endeavour, whether it was a test at school, or broken a personal record for exercise, or at work, or some other field, and felt truly, cleanly, and completely honestly full of your own awesomeness?

That’s one example of the feeling of pure and completely wholesome power, something that has nothing to do with empty bragging or insecurity. :sunny:

That feeling when your heart feels like it’s filling your chest with sunrays…like someone who’s lifetime soundtrack is written by Two Steps From hell (my current musical crush). :smiley:

You need to be clear that you are the sole creator of, at least, your own experience, and that you have the Divine right within you, not granted after begging or whatever, to command all things within your reality.

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