Feeling sick during evocation

Hi guys,

I came across this article which states that if you feel sick during an evocation, then it means that your magic is NOT going in the direction you want it to go in.


I have no idea who this man is. I was looking for something else and I came across him by accident. Can any of you guys shed any light on whether or not this is true based on your personal experience? And if it is the case, should you repeat the evocation again or call on another entity for the same issue?

Thanks in advance for your help!

That’s Jason Miller’s blog. He is highly respected in the occult community. I read several occult author’s blogs and most speak highly of him. I can’t speak on feeling sick during evocations though.

Hmm OK, thank you. Potentially back to the drawing board for me

Adeben, the tricky thing about that is that “feeling sick” implies a range- I believe in the Blog posting (and in other articles that have used that term), it sort of is like getting a headache/vomitting feeling…
one could be using the term as a disturbed diaphram-quesy feeling (more from overload- bioelectrical, and nausea for dissonance I’d say if you are not just doing Entity Contact, not just sensing Energetic-Presence (but still there Presence is in Vision vs actually physically)… if you are Structuring and the Enviro for the Xrds, which not only changes your physical dynamic but the air-energies around.

That is something that has affects similar to (in analogy as well as functionally) high-intensity shock training (say Heavy-Triples resulting in exhaustion, or Density Reps- whatever terms one uses, so that even after the task there is “recovery” and even at fully reset-recovered your system continues to react/recalibrate over the next few Days.

(I don’t think most that refer to Evocation are referring to such that a shuddering vibrational affect is not only noticed by those directly involved, but also any that enters the Space of the Working… the Concrete Affect of the Rapture.
- also some would refer to the human-system reacting to “alienness” of energy that is ‘not right’ or “the slingshot” (like mental/physiologically grinding gears, or so it is interpreted… if you feel Ill ie that is a result of things jarring or shorting out… to use those metaphors)… or even the idea that “the presence of the Dead” or Daemonic (or even Demonic :slight_smile: is felt by the Body-brain as a bad-thing (or even the vampiric drain- that being an interpretation about why one is tired… )

  • if one is Seeing Pictures in Thoughts to get in the mood, then shock to the body would be an error (ie and notthing else, “its all in my head” etc. vs something-else occuring), vs if one is actually Strongly Exerting)

Anyway- I don’t know if the above might add to your thoughts, or if you might parse out in the wording of the article you saw something that might indicate your exper was similar or perhaps different (in terms of the Kind of Feeling-Ill as well as What you were attempting to do- not what it is called/termed but the actual steps: EA’s Evocation steps, and/or what you did/do may differ from the actual physio-exertion changes the writer (and others) refers to. Any of this Relevant? or adds… trying to cover bases.

In terms of Str Sorcery/financial workings- that author- etc.

-Having perused (not studied, but looked over) the above referred to writer, I like his style and the completeness of his system, but it doesn’t seem to emphasize transubstantiation and Descent-infusing to the degree Others may (I sense the ripples from Workings he writes about are mainly in the Mental and thereby Energetic, but not fully into the physically concrete).

My above seems to repeat itself (I was trying to force clarity) as well as was just finishing listening to an interview by another author, which may or may not relate to your expers? (at least ties to some of what I was implying in above)- the author/speaker in this audio (~30mins) has been mentioned in other forum posts here- FYI

[ hmm after writing-posting this, I was on YouTube, and I “ended up” finding an Interview with the above referenced Author about the “financial sorcery” title… and his thoughts/approach (it was a YouTube recommended on the right side…
seems he has interesting mainstream thoughts- but magickally? hmm use the concept of Baneful Magick and compare… his recycling of popculture employee recommended Savings ideas and “do what is needed, don’t expect your ‘sorcery’ to do it, you need to make it happen”… ok so a Baneful Magick means sharpen your blades and zero-in the rifle… and find your viewspot… ? sounds good ideas, but not really doing ‘magick’ if one was to empircally-utilize action-efficient tactically ]

espec as he states about him-self being a “professional sorcerer”

]<< Second edit- I had to return and comment after it percolated a bit, his comments seemed so out of touch of the subject Financially, and in terms of If-One contacted Jupiter directly…

and yet if a Financially Saavy were to evoke- it goes in a greater fluency.. like a "lay-person" evoking to learn Healing pts.. 
vs a M.D. and PhD in Medicine, practical and experimental and even Psychiatrist  evoking to learn Healing ie Someone who has that Subject all ready to be upgraded by this state of Con, before the Working. >>


Hi taokua. Thanks for your in depth response! Wow…

OK, I get what you are saying. I think! That maybe the sick feeling was just by bodies response to what was going on- which was hardly a normal experience for me, being my very first evocation (am I right?). Will see what the results bring anyway. That is the only true measure of success. At the time, I had every confidence that the thing was going right and had gone right. Reading that article (as a noob to evocation) threw me off somewhat.