Feeling Physically Sick From Evoking Asmodeus

The last two nights I have evoked King Asmodeus to continue a working and both times I felt the strangest sensation. Sunday night I felt so dizzy and light headed and then had this strange tension in my throat. I was unable to remain standing and had to apologize and lie down for a few minutes, I felt so unwell I couldn’t describe it. It took a lot of my strength to return to the working and after I finished, it took a great deal of time to recover, as the strange tension in my throat persisted.

Last night I evoked him again to present him an offering of sake (which I know isn’t typical but it was something I was really excited to drink, so I figured he may appreciate it.) The evocation was less overwhelming in that i could complete it without needing to take a moment, but the sensation of tension in my throat/neck returned.

I initially evoked him two months ago or so, at the time I felt a presence but nothing effected me physically. I had the feeling that he at least appreciated my honesty in my request and waited until the results had come to pass before evoking again. That happened on Thursday.

Is this a good/bad sign of my workings with my Asmodeus, or just somehow related to his energy?


Have you had these types of reactions from other evocations?

No, this was the first time I have had this reaction during an evocation.

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When you mentioned about the tension in your throat you reminded me of that time I listened to his enn for the first time. I just felt this sort of energy running down from my throat, followed by ?him I suppose? getting a bit touchy with my chest area.

But I’m really intrigued with the throat thing, since you mentioned it too.

For me, it was like a tightening in my lower throat/right where neck and chest meet, maybe a little higher. It wasn’t akin to being strangled, which is why I’m not more scared. I could definitely breath fine, but like to swallow water or eat I would definitely feel a strain, but it wouldn’t stop anything from going down, if that makes sense. No gagging, no choking, no loss of air, just a persistent tension that comes on early into my listening to/repeating his enn and staring at his sigil and sticks around well after it’s completed.

Now that I’m describing it of course I’m starting to feeling it again, not sure if that’s psychosomatic or if there’s something else going on.

Also, not sure if this is TMI, but you saying he got touchy with your chest reminded me. I found out Thursday that the first phase in this working came to pass, and since then I have been, oh, the horniest. I chalked that up to my request being a love working and now that one obstacle is out of the way, I’m getting graced with some sort of residual energy, maybe?

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The way I felt it it was like a burst of energy around my throat, then after a couple of seconds it began going down. It didn’t feel like it was tight or anything like that.

I would say it’s related to his energy> my theory is that there must be more preparatory work done to match the energy levels of a certain entity when you begin becoming more involved with them, because you’re essentially sharing a space, sharing energy. With Azazel I began to feel a very tight tension in my upper and lower back a few days after I began evocations. Meditating more with their enns and trying to feel the structure of their energy will allow you to be more in sync with them. It’s a sort of vibrative dissonance that can occur, and can be mended by being more in tune.

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Banish. If his energy makes you uncomfortable, banish it.

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You reminded me of a fiasco I had with some random guy who was chatting me up on Facebook. Even though I’m usually not into men, there’s times I will indulge a desperate, thirsty guy for the attention (blame me being a Scorpio). I brought up his enn and posted it into messenger and told him to focus on the sound. Then, as he described it, he had the best orgasm of his life. So yeah, that’s definitely a “talent” Asmodeus seems to have.

(as for the guy, he got so annoying begging me to do it again that I ended up blocking him)