Feeling out the sigils and entities

There are so many topics in my mind right now. Forgive me. This is going to be a cluster fuck of a post. I have 20 tabs open in my head.

First, I’m new to evocation. My proficiency is with personal sigils and a few other random bits. I have studied. I’ve just been armchair for years. I feel much better after my experience evoking Raphael.

A. I never messed with daemonic evocation or considered it because I have lots of animals and my elderly father in my house that I care for. I was too paranoid of them being affected. I feel much better after reading everyone’s experiences here.

B. The information about the daemons being prior deities in old cultures incredibly resonates with me although I haven’t studied it deeper. I have a good old friend that I swear, I have so much respect for, and I wonder if he’s playing devil’s advocate with me, however…

He actually told me that treating daemons respectfully and evoking without all the props and protection is new age fluff bunny stuff. He invokes the thwarting angel first before evoking or otherwise working with the goetic entity, with the full Solomonic glam and glitz. He claims that working with Goetics actually burns your energy or astral body, and the only way to heal it is through divine intervention. I’ve never seen mention of the thwarting angels anywhere else until he brought it up. Now, some of my other close friends have been working with Goetics for years. They are incredibly healthy, of sound mind, and their bodies in phenomenal shape. I’m sure results vary, but most people here I’ve observed are very down to earth and level headed. It doesn’t quite add up. And I’m going to figure it out via direct experience, I just was wondering about general opinions on all that.

C. I’m pretty sure some entity has tried to reach out here and there in my past. Maybe. I try to stay skeptical of myself always and keep one foot firmly planted in reality. So maybe.

1st time- I very randomly heard a deep growly voice say my name very clear in my mind. It sounded outside my mind honestly. I was meditating and snapped my eyes open. That was probably ten years ago before my studies.

2nd- lucid dream I believe. The landscape was grey and airy with cloudy thin substance spread out. A robed monster thing was across the way where I was walking. It had a staff and it looked almost like it was made out of black straw. I paused, not sure what it was or if it was friendly. It motioned at me to come over, very casually with it’s hand like an old friend. At that moment memories hit me like visions, of being very very young, like one or two, and this thing playing with me and teaching me things. It was like a second dad. I bursted I to a sprint to run and give it a hug and mid-stride I felt my lucid dream state waking me up. Tried to fight it but I woke up… pissed… and still feeling every bit of emotion from the memories. I’d like to know what that was. That was probably 5 years ago.

3rd- A few years ago, lucid dream, I was standing in my dad’s room talking to him, and for some reason he picked up a camera to take a picture of me. When the camera flashed, in the dream I got very dizzy and sleepy. I felt the dreamscape fading and a sucking feeling starting to occur. I know that feeling. And as it intensified as I got dizzier, I heard that voice again, low and growly, muttering sentences that sounded like they were in Latin. I spooked like a little bitch and fought it and willed myself awake in a blink.

So, Azazel has been on my mind lately. My goals are mainly growth. Growth growth and all the learning I can stand. Secondary goals are, help with astral projection skills, and fun experiences. Did I mention I love fucked up experiences? xD Also secondary…

I really as a side note want help with my boyfriend. He is amazing and so amazing in bed… but he’s holding himself back, has been for three years now. I need him to stop relressing his kink and stop being shy and go all kinds of fucking wild.

So, what I did, since I’m not sure which daemon resonates with me or how to discover if any do or I have any past life connection or anything like that…

I drew a few sigils: Lucifer, Sitri, Azazel, Paimon, and Asmodeus. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve always been very very tactile. So I made individual squares like tarot cards, shuffled them with my eyes closed, got in a trance state, and felt them out. I separated them based on how they felt.

To my great surprise, Sitri was cold as ice. Paimon was very slightly warm. Azazel was slightly warmer. Asmodeus began icey, then slowly became hot. I got a good feeling from his sigil. Lucifer was a nice solid warmth.

This isn’t definitive/concrete for me.

I was really pretty set on evoking Azazel for my first daemon, but it may be Asmodeus or Lucifer.

All opinions welcome.

I evoked with my cat in my room nothing happened so far

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Cats and dogs are usually sensitive to spiritual presence. But sometimes their reaction goes unnoticed because naturally they act weird anyway, especially cats :thinking:

With humans in the house it’s different… you may want to make sure that after the evocation is done, there are no other spirits there. Those spirits could try to get your attention because they want to communicate with you, after watching you communicating with another spirit ! It doesn’t happen all the time but it’s possible. A simple banishing ritual would be enough I think.

If you noticed that there is something unusual going on… whatever it is, then be prepared with a cleansing ritual for the whole place, especially the room or the area where you made that evocation. Start there then move to the rest of the house, then back to that room and end the ritual there as well. If the unusual activity happens in a specific place almost all the time… then focus on that area and ask with commanding voice and will power that any spirit there should leave and never comeback without invitation.

That worked well for me.

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I never would have considered that, and it makes a lot of sense. I bet a lot of people mix up those other spirit shenanigans and erroneously blame the entity they evoked lol

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So having thought on this a bit… I still can’t believe that Asmodeus warmed up to me the most, like what the fuck. The only one I was hesitant of. I’ve been studying up on him and the others quite a bit. Haven’t decided which I’ll attempt to work with first. Whichever it is, I’m going g to make sure I take my time a do it right. I’m trying to save my ass for marriage… I’m not ready for Asmodeus xD

Lucifer is more likely, and I’m going to do the same with more sigils and see if any others scream at me.

Oh holy shit I didn’t mention, this is so minor, but afterwards after I types all that I was sitting there with the sigils researching and I hear this loud buzzing. I seriously thought my vibrator was going off in it’s secret drawer and I was like omg wtf. Walked over there and checked and nope.

It was the cats water fountain in the living room. It was turned over lol.

And here I thought someone had possessed my sexy toy

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@PrinceX Lol, I was going to say the same thing; weird reactions? Welcome to cats :wink: We’ve owned cats my entire life and they do all kinds of weird stuff for seemingly no reason (or at least that we can readily see).

:smile: Cats don’t need a reason, they believe they own their owners!

I used to ghost-hunt and do all kinds of paranormal investigations for years. The best spirit detector I ever had, was my cat ! Forget about all high-tech stuff… all you need is a cat :metal:

Few months ago I called Archangel Michael for some things I needed, but looks like the evocation was too intense. Next day, a white cat appeared at my front door… big, looks royal, long white clean hair, very peaceful and friendly… and just refused to go anywhere for weeks and weeks. She came early morning each day, then by sunset disappears. If another cat or a dog or any living creature comes next to my door… she used to go full Beast-Mode on them. Had to go out and rescue them from her!!! When they’re gone, she calmed down and stayed in the same exact place next to my door, all day. Every single day. And she never drinks any kind of liquids at all. Not even water, for the whole time she was there. I gave her food and she rarely eat anything… a bite now and then but that’s it, by the end of the day all food is left and her drink untouched. When I stopped working with Archangel Michael and started to work with other spirits. She simply disappeared and didn’t come back again since.