Feeling hot spot on my skin

The past week I’ve been really devoting myself to reading and researching the Goetic spirits. I’ve been looking into different rituals and such. I haven’t preformed any, or collected any tools of the sort. But I keep feeling a hot spot, or just something on my upper back. In the same spot, it comes and goes. It doesn’t hurt or anything like that, but I feel something. And I’m just wondering if anyone else has had something like this happen? I don’t feel any fear from it or anything. And maybe it’s all in my head.

It happens, I’m sure someone else here would know the exact reasoning behind it though. I get a burn in my right hand sometimes.
My left legitimately freezes at times. I’ve held at thermometer and dropped the temp to 34°(F).
The work does things to your body. Once you actually begin I’d wager it will increase.