Feeling his presence and I'm getting creeped out

I’m now living in North Carolina, in a small religious town. I’ve been getting the feeling something spiritual is following me. I think it might be the Christian God. This place is his domain. His presence feels nagging and disrupting. So, I’m looking for a way to protect against him. I’m thinking about getting a bible and wrapping it in a chain with a pentagram attached to it. Any suggestions to warding him away?

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Charge and keep his seal upon your person.


The real christian God or the egregore? what you feel might also simply be the combined energy of the people there…but a pentagram probably won’t do anything.


What makes you think it’s the Christian God?

According to some, the Judeo/christian/islamic god is a thought form created by the elite to enslave humanity. It is fed by the Psychic energy of the masses. In this case christians since they are all around that area.
If you can do some rituals in cemeteries, occult lodges around the area, or just in your house, call up Demons, Loa, and such, put sigils around the neighborhood, in the woods, Help to raise the occult forces.
Legitimate occult groups in the area can help to increase the power of occult forces through mass rituals, as many people are stronger than one person with psychic, mental, emotional energy. Might help to change the atmosphere.


I wondered this myself, but at the end of the day I think the responses tailored to his belief, are the ones that matter most.

It doesn’t need to be real, or the Christian god for the methods to help him, if that’s who he believes it is. I mean knowing for sure, would certainly mean he could better tailor his reaction and us our answers, but I think reacting to his belief first, is probably the right way to go. If he still has issues in a few days, we could re-access.

I always had to go to a church that had the hand raising, loud, everyone is truly into it music, because of the energy so. Anything else I couldn’t feel and made me uncomfortable and then I’d sleep and not learn anything…

So I can see something energy wise in the Christian world having weird effects lol.

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You can shield yourself and also don’t give the energy any attention when it bothers you. Banish and clease regularly.

More like there’s the real gods then the egregore forms of them. Yahweh exists as a Canaanite God made monotheistic but somewhere down the line an egregore came into being, fed by Christians, RHP, LHP,etc.

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So if it’s a spirit and not your paranoia- if it’s not a parasite it’s probably just a lesser angel if I had to guess. There isn’t much you can do to ward them away since they bypass most things, just make it clear you’re not interested if you feel anything near you.