Feeling guilty about working with another deity

Just question about me feeling guilty of working with another deity. I am currently working with Sallos, but upon my research, there’s no indication about any of his workings with the lgbt situation (not trying to convert someone, I know he likes the d. Just him being hot and cold, still showing interest in meeting women, but at the same time still showing me interest. He is extremely caring, and even told me that I make him a better person, we spend a lot of time together. It looks like he is confused out of his mind, cause when we first met it’s supposed to be purely sex no emotions involved) anywho. I feel guilty of asking help from Pomba Gira, cause I want to show full respect to Sallos and also i want to show loyalty to him cause I want to establish relationships with the entities I am going to work with.

I am completely new and this is my first summing with an entity. Any thoughts about this? P.S I have not done any work with Pomba Gira due to my feeling of guilt and not showing full respect with Duke Sallos. I am trying to communicate with him, hopefully he visits me during my sleep for guidance.


U can work with whomever u feel like! U shouldn’t feel guilty about getting to know other entities! This is not dating!


I do know what you mean. I go through that everytime I work with a new spirit. I feel like I’m breaking some kind of allegiance or something. I know that isn’t the case lol, but it still feels that way every single time.

Haha copy that!! I did worked asked for Pomba gira’s help.

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I know, just need to get used to it I guess. Haha

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Working with Spirits doesn’t mean you date them. If you have that kind of relationship with Sallos that’s fine, you don’t have to have it with others.

I have and do work with more Spirits than I can count on both hands.

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I’m working with bune and clauneck for business, and they pair well and work with each other.
This could generally be the same case with you, you just have to ask if they’re open to it

Just an update regarding the topic. Duke Sallos and Queen Pomba Geri is definitely working their wonders, it’s only been day 3. I will no longer feel guilty working with 2 or more entities. I will open a new thread regarding the situation as I will be needing help in a certain area

Hail Duke Sallos! Hail Queen Pomba Geri!! I will be forever grateful! I am honored for the privilege of listening and answering my plea. And will be continuously amazed for the amazing things thats going to happen!

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