Feeling a sudden shift in my energy , Feel much more serious and emotionally sable

Ever since my two days of work with king paimon I’m looking on my self in the mirror and I’m sensing a hard core serious energy almost intimidating from my own self, I have never felt this way before it’s just started out recently I don’t why do you think This weird sudden shift in my energy should make me worried ? No emotions, nothing I’m wondering even tho I have never asked for this transformation is this a good thing or a bad thing ? I feel like I shape shifted as well, I guess his aura injected me with the good juicy stuff


Sounds erotic: “his aura injected me with the good juicy stuff” :wink:

You must determine whether the changes are in line with what you desire or not. Nothing sounds bad. Maybe this should be a topic for further exploration in your meditation and self reflection ritual time.

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