Feeding spirits

I have the habit of leaving food out at night and a few times I’ve woken up in the middle of night and seen a white mist above the food. I’m wondering if that could be spirits feeding from the food, or some other effect.

I don’t have a definitive answer for you, but I think it’s possible. Various cultures have left offerings of food and drink for spirits.

Science is beginning to recognize that every piece of physical matter is made of energy held together in different patterns.

And we know spirits can interact with us on an energetic level, so it makes sense they could interact with other physical matter on an energetic level.

If you look through some of my threads you’ll find examples of experiences I’ve had where spirits affected physical matter in very real ways.

Just today, I experienced one knocking over my fan when he didn’t like my girlfriend’s joke about something.

So yeah, I think it’s possible. Is it what’s happening here? Don’t know.

Did the food taste different afterwards (if you tried any)?

Food offered to spirits, UNLESS it’s explicitly done with the intention to bless and empower the food, often leaves the food tasting a bit flat and meh, like the difference between fresh veg cooked well, and mushy canned veg, for example.

Something similar to this happened last night to my girlfriend.

She pissed off a new “friend” of mine by being a little sassy to him. Granted, he probably deserved a little bit, but she was pretty disrespectful.

He thought so, too … so when she came over yesterday, she said “Your house smells like dog farts.” Uh, no … my house doesn’t. But you smell them. lol

So I suggested she make an offering. “Honey” popped into my head so I suggested it. She glared and told me she had tried to find honey at the store, but couldn’t find any. lol

She decided to share a drink with him like she would a friend and apologize. She poured two glasses of booze. Hers also had soda mixed with the booze. After they worked out their differences, he asked if he could have some from both glasses. She said sure.

When she went to drink her drink, she was left tasting almost nothing but soda. lol

Spirits with a spirit. :slight_smile:

So I take it the friend she pissed off of yours made her smell Shit Farts (only her) to punish her?

Seems so. I get the impression he also sent me the word “honey” to let her know that was him, too. There could very well have been honey sitting right on the shelf and her not see it because she was distracted or just didn’t “notice” them.

Got the vibe that her “disrespect” was initiated even before she commited any action. Meaning it existed in her initial vibration, and her actions just kinda sealed the deal. You know how spirits can know things about you like thought reading or whatever, or are able to tell what sort of person you are? I think Action is the dividing line that allows a person to redeem themselves of where they are given another chance as far as judgement goes. But I found the dog farts humorous, however a very bizarre choice of retaliation/punishment.