Feeding on the source


I’ve recently come across a man named Hira Ratan Manek. Here is his website [url=http://solarhealing.com/about/]http://solarhealing.com/about/[/url]

He has existed solely on sunlight and boiled water for 411 consecutive days. His achievements were independently verified by multiple doctors and scientists in India and the U.S. I’ve been trying out his sun-gazing technique a few times a week at either sunrise or sunset. I skipped the whole, 30 seconds a day rule and went straight for it. Gazing directly at the sun for 10 minutes or so. It’s a very unique experience, and has proven itself a worthy tool in my bag o tricks!

As for underwater breathing, I’m very interested in this concept. I’m a card carrying SCUBA diver and was really into snorkeling and free diving when I lived in the Caribbean. This Navy Seal technique would have been so useful back then.


as far as predators being smarter than their prey, I would hope so. I would also assume that the Vampire would need a filtration method to purify the life-force he was feeding on. Seems so unnecessary though, if the Vampire was just to feed upon the source of all light. (Sun) Which is what this thread was originally about, right?

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As I said, the two things are entirely separate substances. As for the physical sun, I do not believe this is what Necromaster was referring to.

I’ve heard of sun gazing - is it dangerous?
Can’t you burn your retinas out?
Actually, I’ll have to just read through this web page. It sounds interesting. heh, it reminds me of the Sun guy from Superman IV who feeds off the sun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sun gazing can be dangerous if you do not do it correctly. UV light is what harms the retinas in your eyes. UV light is filtered out though our atmosphere during the 45 minutes proceeding sun set and the first 45 minutes after sun rise. Stick to those times and you’re golden. I watch for about 10 minutes at a time, seems to be enough. The sun should radiate a different aura when you do this correctly, and I easily see a pupil and eye form…Also if you’re a astronomy geek like me, you can now see Mercury passing the sun, it’s the little black spot!!!

I mix this sun gazing with EA’s technique for invoking omnipotence and then do I middle pillar like exercise to harmonize my chakras with it afterward. I’ve noticed a drastic amount of natural energy, magickal potency, and psychic awareness on the days I’ve done this vs. the days I haven’t.

Darkness: The physical sun is the representation of the Invisible sun which I assume that Necromaster was talking about. There is a lot of power in the physical sun and easily harvested. So is it’s reflection off the moon, which my Wiccan friend is really fond of. I like going directly to the source though.

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Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh, this statement I was given 6 years ago, now I understand the meaning behind it all…at the time it was told me that in the future I would understand…

“So is it’s reflection off the moon, which my Wiccan friend is really fond of.”

Given with the sun gazing along with this statement reveals an entirely different picture…Thanks to both of you.


I was not talking about the physical sun I was referring to an entity. Lifeblood is simply that energy with in the physical blood within all living creatures that fives them life. It can be used for nearly anything but most vampires choose to use it for magic concerning the flesh and for healing or manipulating the flesh.

Which entity were you speaking of specifically? The creator or source of all things? God? Or whatever term you’d like to use for it? I like to think of the physical manifestation of that being as the Sun. The light and energy source from which all things in our solar system depend.

And lifeblood sounds just like energy to me. Generated by the pulsating of iron infused cells moving around our body in the pattern of circulation. It creates magnetism and energy for sure. How do you use this to heal the flesh? Is it different than any other type of healing?

My .02 is that if you are feeding off of the source which exists to supply life and energy freely to those who ask, then he’d probably be cool with it. However, if you were stealing lifeblood from some other entity that may be wise to what you’re doing and not so willing to give, he might be powerful enough to give you a “gift in return”. But hey wtf do I know.

I noticed the info said the Ancient Egyptian also used this technique…it that is so, that would give the whole subject as worshiping the sun as the life giver of all things and set up by the priesthood and the ruler…offers all kinds of ideas about that.
Ra…the sun God.


[quote author=Maxx link=topic=230.msg3331#msg3331 date=1342398179]

Ra…the sun God.


Ever noticed how every single “Name of God” has the ‘ah’ sound in it somewhere? Hmm … coincedence? :wink: Z


You know I don’t believe in coincidence. :wink:

Ra, Jah, Yah, Gah!


Egypt was my favorite place to visit so far, I think they were on to something there. hmm…what could it be. Sunlight, Civilization, geometry, astronomy! Yeah, they were fucking brilliant! RA-

wouldn’t common pranayama be considered as taking energy from the Source? also, all other intake of energy would then be milking from that which is “all that is”

but i ain’t no vampire. or maybe we all are… shit now i have to rethink everything.[/quote]

but i ain’t no vampire. or maybe we all are… shit now i have to rethink everything.
Ha Ha, LOL, that;s really funny

To me this is what invoking omnipotence is.

But, I’m not sure what entity specifically holds the largest pool of energy though.

Not to mention, going around and taking energy from entities is a good way to get bitch slapped into your next life. heh

They will bitch slap you in this one too. Not a good idea.