Feeding off of natural (non-human/non-animal) sources

I’ve been (knowingly) compelled toward psionic vampirism for around 14 years now; the external sources of information on the subject that I’ve been able to find have generally been centered around the goth subculture, so I don’t know if using non-human sources of energy is common, but I haven’t come across it, so I’m wondering if anyone here has any experiences in the area.

Proponents? Opponents?
Pros and cons?

I’ve been doing it for the past few years with great success, usually with a spring or waterfall or some other constantly moving water feature. I’d say it’s comparable to moving from fossil fuels to a more renewable energy source like solar or wind.

Yes, this is a known thing. If you use the Search function on bhere, that will help - also, please check your Personal Messages, I sent you a message.

Thanks! :slight_smile: